February 11, 2021

How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving In

Regardless of whether you’re coming to live in your flat or you’re renting, washing and putting things in order when you arrive is a must. If you want to learn how to clean an apartment before moving in, stick with us because we prepared some powerful tips to get you off to a flying start in your new life.

Buckle up because you're in for a ride

If you’re moving long distance, plan your steps wisely. You should think about how you’ll obtain or transport all the necessary supplies and equipment for cleaning, and you should also ensure you have a feasible strategy on how to perform this task efficiently. This means you need to plan ahead all the details, such as do you have time to do this when you arrive or the day after, will your new neighbors be ok with the noise you might make, and so on. Once this is all settled, you can skip to practical suggestions we’re about to share.

Should You Clean an Apartment Before Moving in?

Most people make a mistake and leave the cleaning for a later date. This makes sense because you’re knackered once you finish relocations, and if you’ve got other obligations, washing and sweeping can drag on and on. But, the best of moving tips is to do this right away! Yes, as soon as you can.

The hidden fact is that flats are much easier to be cleaned when they’re empty because objects collect a lot of dust and make maneuvering around the space more challenging. So, use this noteworthy trick that can reduce your moving stress and roll up your sleeves to begin.

Whatever you think, you'll be very happy if you do this

What Do You Need to Clean an Apartment?

If you’re going through cross country moving and plan to live far from your old home, ensure nothing you need for the makeover of your next place winds up on the list of most commonly forgotten things to pack. If you want, you can include the supplies in the moving expenses checklist and buy them in the new city, but that requires an extra step.

Now, there’s no list comprehensive enough to cover all you might need. Still, you can organize your tools according to room or surface. Mops, brushes, and vacuum cleaners are obviously what you should have, but getting some of these things you need for your first apartment can also facilitate your job:

  • Disinfectants – These come in various forms, and they’ll help you kill the microorganisms on your surfaces,
  • Glass cleaner – for all the glass in your home,
  • A cleaner for tubs and sinks,
  • Furniture polish,
  • Floor polish – this one can be found for different types of flooring such as laminate, hardwood, and so on,
  • DIY compounds usually made of vinegar, baking soda, and borax.
Go with what you can find that is in line with your budget

How Do You Deep Clean an Apartment Before Moving in?

Regardless of whether you plan on staying in the flat or the place is just your temporary stop, you should give it a fresh start and make your environment as hygienic as possible. Even if you’re a careful landlord who is wondering what do you need to rent an apartment and how do you clean an apartment for rent, these techniques will come in handy.


Clean Your Way Down

Once you get down to your favorite of things to do after moving, pay attention to gravity. Huh? Many people forget this, but you should begin from the ceiling and work your way down to your floor. This way, dust particles cannot impede your progress, and you needn’t worry about cleansing the floors more than once.

Start Away From the Doors

This is another gem on the list of moving hacks. It’s simple, yet many overlook it in haste. If you don’t want to scrub the floor multiple times and to wipe the surface endlessly, note this one. Pay attention to begin at the remote corner of the room and then approach the door as you’re finishing.

Use Shortcuts Where Possible

Why get more exhausted when you can use shortcuts to turn your first days into a stress-free moving experience? Brainstorm and shorten the process whenever you see it’ll be efficient. For example, some stubborn stains in wardrobes and cupboards can be covered with lining paper so that you can save yourself time and effort, not only now but in the future too. Or, if trying to wipe the dust is wearing you out, get the vacuum cleaner attachments to get the job done for you.

It doesn't have to be all that hard

When Cleaning New Apartment Start From the Kitchen

The kitchen might be the hardest room to polish because it’s full of appliances that require different cleansing procedures. Because of this, it might be a good idea to begin here and use your energy while it’s at its peak.

If you learned how to pack pots and pans or how to pack plates for moving, that means you probably washed the dishes before you set off, and that can reduce your workload now. Besides, giving your counter and surfaces a polish won’t be hard either. Just ensure you go over the sink and tap and scrub all the stains with a sponge.

Still, don’t forget about your appliances that also need cleaner products and washing inside and outside.

Cleaning All Appliances Thoroughly Will Go a Long Way

Sure, you may not feel like including all appliances in the cleaning section of your moving to-do list, but once you get it done, you’ll be able to forget about it for a long time. So, ensure you rinse the dishwasher, cooker, fridge, microwave, and anything else you own.

Preparing a dishwasher is a piece of cake, especially if you’ve got the hot water option. You need to place a cup filled with hot water and white vinegar or baking soda inside, run two cycles, and that’s all.

Fridges are also not a nightmare, mainly because you probably cleaned them already if you learned how to move a refrigerator. If not, take out all the elements possible and wipe them appropriately or even soak them in a solution of vinegar and water.

Cookers Require Special Attention

If finding an equipped home was a top one in your house hunting tips and nice-to-haves, the more reason you have now to wash your stove. You’ve no idea who used it and how they maintained it, and we all know that cooking brings more joy in esthetic surroundings. So, there’s nothing to wait for. These are some steps that can guide you towards success:

  • Remove all caps if you’ve got any and soak and wash these separately,
  • Pay attention to burners and scrub them with dish soap or stove cleaners,
  • Focus on the oven and rinse all components separately if possible.

Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn more about what to do when it comes to giving your kitchen a makeover.

Set Aside Enough Time for the Bathroom

If you want to grab a shower or enjoy a bath after all the thought about your moving budget, different packing materials for moving, and other concerns, you should devote time to your bathroom too. You don’t want to be left wondering who was splashing before you, so it’ll pay off to be hardworking here.

Scrub the Bathtub

You can achieve the shine by simply using cleaners designed especially for this purpose and a sponge. If you’d like a DIY option, salt, borax, and baking soda make a scrub hard to beat.

Wash the Tiles and Bathroom Walls

There are many ways to go about this, but if you have your bathroom tiled, the easiest way to remove any stains is to create your own cleaner. You can mix baking soda, a teaspoon of dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide. If you can, find a spray bottle and spray your tiles with the liquid. Wait for a while, and then wipe each tile with a cloth.

Don't forget the sink and the tap

Come Up with a Strategy When It Comes to Other Rooms

The kitchen and the bathroom are the trickiest when you’re cleaning apartment before moving in. But, this doesn’t mean you should forget about mopping and get down to making friends in a new city as soon as you finish these. There are other rooms that need to be tackled too. So, how do you do this? Here are some practical hacks:

  • Start from the rooms with no furniture as they’re easier to navigate,
  • Do the bigger rooms first,
  • Pay attention to baseboards as this is probably the only time you’ll be washing these,
  • Wash the windows, doors, and other elements to give your space a killer final touch.

How to Deal With Furniture in the Room?

If you used long distance moving services for moving furniture, reputable movers must have helped you with reassembling your pieces and took care these are in the rooms you designated. Now, though they were completely protected while transferred, it’s a great time to give them a new look too.

You should buy furniture polish that doesn’t take off the finish or remove the paint, or you can mix your own using warm water and liquid oil-based soap. Another idea is to use vacuum attachments and collect all the dust for spectacular results.

There Won’t Be a Better Opportunity to Take Care of Your Closets

Let’s face it – once you put down roots, you won’t often have the time to take all your clothes out and think about improving the look of your closets. If you manage to master how to pack clothes for moving, you’ll breeze through this too. So, what you want to do here is:

  • Wipe and dust all the surfaces,
  • Line your shelves with the paper if there are stains that spread and are causing you trouble,
  • Get a moth repellent just in case, especially if your closet is wooden.
Do some extra research on how your pieces should be kept

Floors and Carpets Should Be Spick and Span

Floors are last but not least, and they require your focus. Most floors are either made of laminate or hardwood, so you should buy a cleaner fit for your type. Take care and choose products that are not dangerous for your furry friends if you’re moving with pets.

How to Sweep and Clean the Floors?

Follow the dust-vacuum-mop sequence and don’t change the order. Your vacuum needs to have an attachment that won’t scratch your flooring, and you need to stay out of the room for about ten minutes after you apply the final touch with your mop.

If You Rent, Ask for Reimbursement for Cleaning the Carpets

Carpets are a significant part of the dilemma “how do you clean before moving in.” The great thing is that if you’re renting, certain contracts allow you to ask for reimbursement if you use professional services for this one. So, don’t ruminate on the best way to cleanse your carpets. Just ask your landlord and see what they say.

Getting professional help might be the sure solution for carpets

When You Learn How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving in, The Only Thing Left are Reputable Cross Country Movers

Cross country moving can get exhausting, but with the right crew by your side, you’ll be ready for all the day brings. Save your nerves and do the best thing. Book a top-rated company, and long distance moving will become much easier. Order moving supplies on time or arrange storage services if you’re still in two minds about your next home. In case you want auto shipping, superb service is waiting for you. And it’s all covered with moving insurance. So, start your life in the lap of luxury and decide what’s best for sure.

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