October 31, 2020

What Are The Best Stress-Free Moving Tips and Tricks?

Why is relocation so challenging and stressful process? Maybe because you must take into your hands each thing in and around your house, wrap it, pack it into a box, and lift it at the end. It’s so demanding and tedious at the same time. So, is a stress-free moving possible at all? If you’re relocating soon and wondering how to make moving easier and less stressful, know there are many ways to reduce the relocation stress.

Whether you’re moving for love or going through a military move, it’s useful to know that moving stress is something that you can’t avoid. But the good thing is that it can be mitigated due to some excellent moving tips and relocation hacks. These can help you, among other things, not to overpack or to box up some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Luckily, that’s why we’re here – to help you find out how to relocate to your dream house without panicking and losing your mind.

Stress-Free Moving Requires Time

If you have the right plan for all your relocation tasks and enough time to perform them all, you can rest assured that your move will be stress-free. In addition to creating your moving to-do list and getting free moving boxes, you might be wondering Why am I so stressed about moving so much despite all these precautionary steps? Probably because you know how much work is left to do – from donating furniture, learning more about house-hunting tips, changing your address, things you need for your first apartment, making friends in a new city, and more. The list is simply too long.

For that reason,  you should come up with a viable timeline and plan your long-distance move. Try to give yourself at least eight weeks. The best option is to plan for 12, particularly if you want to avoid moving scams, and book a reliable long-distance moving company. Also, if you are going to pick the best time of the year to move, you would need more time. But there’s no need to worry. With the right organization, you won’t be asking yourself how to make moving less stressful. You’ll just go with the flow.

Organize everything ahead - from obtaining the boxes to hiring reliable movers

How Do I Not Stress When Moving House? Get Organized

How to stay organized during a move? It’s simple, but requires a bit of your time and energy. You should make a list of all the tasks you have to do, such as obtaining packing materials for relocation, moving furniture, and finding the cheapest way to ship a car. You should do this regardless of your experience in matters of relocation, and especially if you’re figuring out how to move out for the first time. But, first things first, don’t forget about the most important task – to book state to state movers.


Do the Right Moves in Advance: Book Your Mover for the Relocation Day

Because most people want to move on the weekends or during the summer when the school holidays are on, you should plan your own move in advance.

One of the crucial things is to choose professional long-distance movers. Relocating doesn’t mean only a fresh start across the country, but bringing all your household belongings and valuable items with you. And they will be in the hands of your removal company. That’s why you have to do your research, ask for several quotes, and find the most suitable offer, especially if you’re looking for the cheapest way to move out of the state. Keep in mind it might happen that the most affordable option won’t provide you the services you’re expecting. So, try to find the best equilibrium between the quality and price.

You can always check reviews from previous customers, read testimonials, social media posts, and ask your potential company if it’s willing to come and do a valuation. This could be an excellent opportunity to ask what your removal quotes include, and what are the items movers won’t move.

It’s Important to Create Checklists to Track All Your Taks, Expenses, and Prices

If you want to finish a job without stress, the best way is to use a moving checklist. It’s convenient because it compensates for people’s memory limits and attention. One of the basic examples is moving to-do list. Yet, there are some complex checklists, such as moving expenses checklist. It helps you to plan a moving budget early in your pre-move preparations. Here’s why it’s important to create it in this stage of the relocation:

  • To use it as a good estimate of how much money you’ll need to perform your move. This can provide you with better insight into necessary budgets for movers, packing supplies, car shipping expenses, extra charges, additional services, etc.
  • To act accordingly in case of a specific relocation task that requires more money to be done. This way, you can react quickly and prevent spending more money than you allocated.

Organize Utilities and Important Documents

It can be very easy to shut off your utilities online. As soon as you realize that everything is turned off at your old home, you need to organize your new place’s utilities. Check out if you can turn on them online too. And it’s not just about utilities. Keep in mind that you should arrange many other things in advance, too, including your voter registration data, driving license, and relevant ID.

Dealing with tons of paperwork is an essential part of every relocation. Important documents that should go with you on a long-distance move include passports, wills, house deeds, and insurance papers. Organize them and store in one binder or box, or create electronic copies and save them in cloud storage, external disc, or onto a USB. Don’t forget to change your address with USPS. You can do that online or visit your local post office and fill out the form 3575.

First Tip: Declutter

Decluttering is probably one of the crucial stress-free moving tips. Going from room to room and getting rid of unwanted things can help you be more organized and satisfied with your relocation progress. Also, removing clutter is a handy tip that will ensure packing only the things you need and bringing to the future home.

Before you pack, declutter your living space

To Clear Out and Pack Efficiently, You’ll Need Help

If you’re hesitating to ask for help, remember that most of your friends or family members have been in a similar situation, packing all their belongings for a move. So, break the ice and contact several people asking if they are willing to give you a hand and help with your tasks. Even better, if someone among them knows how to pack books for moving properly, or how to move a piano without a hitch, you can kill two birds with one stone. And who knows, this might be your last opportunity to say goodbye when moving away from friends.

With helpers, everything is easier

Pamper Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Relocation is a stressful period in your life when you have the least time for yourself. Thinking about all the tasks that should be done can affect your health in many ways. So, try not to neglect your basic requirements such as sleeping and eating.

If you’re wondering, Is moving stressful on a relationship?, you should know it is. It can take its toll on both partners, and even more so if you have kids. Be mindful of your loved ones and their needs. Spend time with your children, and don’t let them feel alone or sad. Usually, children and pets are the most sensitive during the relocation preparations. That being said, if you’re moving with pets, play with them as much as you can and make sure your time together is filled with joy and outdoor activities.

Sleep Enough and Have Regular Meals

You’ll definitely have the minimum amount of time for these two needs, but they are crucial in keeping your health and overall condition optimal. When you eat well, you have enough energy to handle all your daily tasks. And after quality sleep, you’ll be boosted and ready for new challenges. More sleep, more balanced diet and water, less junk food and coffee – that’s a recipe for a happy and successful relocation.

Moving Means Floating With the Stream

Don’t be too harsh on yourself if something goes wrong. Unpredictable things often happen, especially when you’re going through a huge event such as cross country relocation. Remember to be flexible and open-minded. If something doesn’t go according to plan, don’t make a problem about it. Allow yourself a wiggle room and make some adjustments. That won’t ruin your relocation, and you will still feel calm and organized.

Although the relocation to a new home means a hectic daily rhythm, try to treat yourself

Make a Back-Up Plan

It’s a good idea to have a list of options with solutions in case something goes wrong. As we already said, everything is possible, and that’s why you should be prepared ahead. If you’re not sure what can go awry, don’t worry. We’ve gathered the most common things that could go wrong during relocation for you to be ready for the worst-case scenario.

You Should Expect the Unexpected

Even though some of the following issues might sound unbelievable, believe us: they happen. But don’t worry. If you prepare your back-up plan in advance with all the answers, you will be able to finish your stress-free moves and packing successfully. Let’s find out what these potential problems might be:

  • Movers are late, or they just don’t show up – your option is to call a last-minute removal company
  • Traffic jam or parking issues – you should reserve a parking space for moving truck in advance
  • Item protection issues – try to pack all your belongings properly, or leave that job to your movers. Still, you should monitor professional crew, watching how they treat your fragile and valuable items
  • Extra costs – these can include the purchase of additional packing supplies, paying for portable storage, moving insurance, and more.
  • Furniture can’t go through the hallways or doors – this can be solved with your friends’ help, or just by taking measurements before you start carrying your furniture
Sometimes, bad things just happen, and you should be prepared for them

After Packing, Throw a Party

You’ve finally finished all the backbreaking and worrisome tasks, and that deserves celebrations. Saying goodbye to your dearest friends, relatives, and close family members is a perfect occasion for a farewell party and lots of unforgettable moments. Spending your last days with precious people will make you stronger and ready for a new chapter in your life. And don’t be sad because you’re going to leave some dear faces. Today, technology does wonders, so be sure that even if you’re relocating cross country, long-distance friendships are possible and can survive.

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