Most Common Things You Forget to Do When You Move

Relocating always was and will be one of the biggest changes in one’s life. Keeping everything in order can prove to be quite a task, and there might be some things you forget to do when you move. Of course, we would all like to prevent such situations from happening, because forgetting to do or to pack something essential can be really frustrating.

Forgetting something when relocating is pretty common

When it comes down to long-distance moving, planning, and making everything go smoothly takes a lot of time and energy. However down to the detail we think we may be organized, some stuff can always slip through our plans and remain undone. To help you avoid forgetting things in the midst of your preparations, we’ve made this list as a reminder of what are the most frequent things people fail to remember to do and pack.

Start Weeks Before the Actual Day

It’s a common thing to be going through a lot of moving stress while organizing your cross-country moving. But, to relieve some of the anxiety, we recommend creating a moving to-do list, and following a general timeline, beginning as far as two months before the move-day. Creating such a checklist will make you feel more organized, confident, and like a pro. Above all, by starting early, you will be able to remember all the tasks that await you, so you don’t overlook and skip anything important.


Go Ahead and Change Your Address

Changing the address is what people usually tend to skip or put off until they realize that their mail and important bills aren’t arriving. So, go ahead and update your new address on time. It’s also important to update it in your bank accounts, and credit card accounts. Another important thing to do is to update your voter registration.

Personal Records Are Important

Obtaining your personal records is something you should remember to do on time, before your relocation – and people often don’t. That means medical, dental, and even veterinarian records. Birth certificates are also essential to bring along with you. By remembering to get these on time, you are saving yourself from frustration, so one of the great relocating tips would be to gather those records weeks prior to your move.

Some Books to Pack, Some to Leave

When starting to pack books, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. Some of those books are due to be returned to the library. While packing bookshelves and books is something we don’t skip doing, it’s easy to slip your mind that there are library books on those shelves.

Clothes Left at Dry Cleaners

Search your home for any laundry or dry cleaning tickets, as the clothes left at dry cleaners are among the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Recover all your clothes, and make sure you haven’t left behind that favorite coat of yours or any other piece of clothing that you would miss.

Cancel All Subscriptions and Memberships

It’s a common thing that most people don’t cancel their gym memberships and their subscriptions because it slips their minds amidst all the planning and organizing. Make sure to do this before you move, so you don’t have to pay fees for something you don’t use anymore.

Choose a School

When relocating with kids, people often neglect the search for a school in the area they’re relocating to. You can use Great Schools, and do it prior to your move. Also, don’t forget to request the transcripts for your children from their current school, because the future one will need them. These two tasks are essential and yet surprise some folks. Don’t let it happen to you if you want the relocation process to be swift.

Choosing a school on time and transferring transcripts is a life-saving tip

Internet and Cable Providers

Calling local internet and cable providers to set you up in your new home is usually one of the things to do after moving. But, it’s better to remember to contact them beforehand, so you can be set up as soon as you enter your new home. Remember to do this on time, as the appointment slots fill up quickly.

Call your local internet and cable providers beforehand

Decluttering Is Essential for Moving

One of the smart techniques that you can use when preparing for a relocation is to get rid of all the unwanted stuff. It’s one of those things that are easily overlooked and forgotten, that can actually help with organization. While you’re giving away or selling pieces of furniture, or any other items you don’t need anymore, you are actually cutting down on that moving expenses checklist, as the relocation will cost less, with less of your belongings left to transport. Another option which you should remember is that you can invest in some storage unit and store all the unwanted stuff there. Relocating itself will give you reasons to move all of those furniture pieces you didn’t actually like out of your life, so remember to do some decluttering.

Unused Food and Garbage

Another commonly forgotten detail is perishable foods. So, plan to use all of your groceries before your move day, and get rid of any remaining at your place. For the unopened cans and other unexpired food, you can always donate to Move for Hunger. Also, a big reminder – don’t skip taking out all of your garbage, and check the fridge and the freezer, so the next owners or renters of the place won’t be surprised by the awful smell that’s hard to remove from the house.

Flammables and Hazardous Materials Aren’t Moving With You

There are certain items movers won’t move, and the best thing to do is to get rid of them prior to moving. These include deodorants and hairspray, and also paints, car batteries, etc. It’s best not to skip getting rid of those, and also remember to drain the gas from your lawnmower before the long-distance movers load it for transport.

Flammable and hazardous materials aren’t allowed on the relocation company truck

Gather Free Packaging Materials

When planning your moving budget, you’re probably going to think of the ways you can save up on those expenses, because relocating is not cheap. One of the things that are usually forgotten, but easily done, is to look where to get free moving boxes, for packaging your belongings. You can find those at your local liquor stores, bookstores, grocery shops, etc. Also, take a look at Craigslist to find used packing materials for moving for free.

Find free cardboard boxes and other packaging materials to save up on your budget

You Shouldn’t Forget To Label Those Packages

Perhaps it’s your first time relocating and you’re looking for tips on how to move out for the first time, or it is something you’ve gone through before. Either way, you want to be more organized, so remember to label the boxes with your belongings. This proved to be an awesome hack that people overlook all the time, but it will help you go through everything more smoothly. One of the essential packing tips for moving is that you shouldn’t forget to mark the boxes with breakables as fragile, so your movers can pay special attention when loading them into the truck and unloading them at your place.

Label your packaged belongings, it will make unpacking so much easier

Packaging Essential Items Is One of Those Things to Remember When Moving

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to pack a bag with all of those essentials and important stuff you’ll need to keep close to you, and that you’ll be using as soon as you enter your new home. Packing an essentials bag is one of the greatest moving hacks and it shouldn’t be forgotten. This bag with things people forget way too often should contain:

  • Basic toiletries,
  • Some kitchen utensils needed for a quick meal, but perhaps the best thing to do is to buy some disposable ones,
  • Medicine, so make sure you’ve emptied all those medicine cabinets at your old home,
  • All of your documents (you shouldn’t pack these into the relocation company truck),
  • Chargers, which are among belongings people skip packing, and it would be a huge problem, as you’ll be using your smartphones a lot during the move,
  • A change of clothes for the first day or two.

This package with all of the essentials you’ll use right away at your new place shouldn’t be forgotten and should go in the car with you. Your valuables, like jewelry, are also important not to leave behind, so pack them along, because this is also something that isn’t supposed to be transported by a long-distance moving company. In the video below, you can check out some tips on how to pack your first-day essentials.

Don’t Forget to Take Good Care of Your Pet Before You Move

When moving with pets, it is important not to skip that check-up with your pet’s veterinarian. The relocation itself is not only stressful for you but your furry companion too, so you should remember to check if your pet is healthy and ready to go to a new house with you. If you’re relocating long-distance or abroad, it is really important that the immunization records shouldn’t be forgotten.

Taking good care of your pets is an important part of a relocation

Remembering to Get Your Car Serviced Before Transporting It Is Essential

If you’ve decided to drive your vehicle, make sure that you do have it serviced, for stress-free moving. Many miss doing it, but the last thing you need is to have a problem with it in the middle of a relocation. If you have decided to use auto shipping services to move your car to another state, instead of driving it, you should remember to empty it of everything. And that means you should take out the spare tires, and other items from it, because no one can guarantee for those things left inside the vehicle. And keep in mind that the movers will either charge you more or won’t even transport your car if it’s broken, so remember to have it serviced even if it’s being transported.

Having to deal with a car breakdown in the middle of your relocation should be avoided

Some Other Things You Forget to Do When You Move

Whether it is the belongings you skip packaging or some other important stuff that has completely slipped your mind, it can all add up to that relocation anxiety. Here are some other tips for moving out of state at which you should pay attention and which usually are but should not be forgotten:

  • Take photos of your electronics, for easier set up after unpacking. There’s a high chance you won’t remember where each cable goes.
  • After disassembling furniture, put hardware in plastic bags and tape them to those furniture pieces, because these can be among things folks often don’t pack.
  • Remember to fill the nail holes in the walls with bar soap, because this is important if you are a renter and want to get your deposit back.
  • Some last-minute cleaning after the professional movers have left should not be forgotten, nor skipped, whether you’re cleaning for that deposit or want to leave the house squeaky clean for the new owners.
  • Potted plants are among those items that won’t be transported by a relocation company, so you either have to move them with you personally, or remember to throw them away,
  • If you have a tool shed, pack all those gardening and other tools.
  • Leave all the old house keys for the new owners or renters.
  • The new owners will walk into a frozen home, or have a high bill for heating while it’s hot outside if you’ve forgotten to check that thermostat
  • Remember to leave a note for them with some last-minute instructions, and a heartwarming welcome.
Put the furniture hardware inside of plastic bags and tape them, so you won’t leave it behind

If You Fail To Call the Professionals, You’ll Have to Do All the Hard Work by Yourself

While you’re following all these tips and advice, remember that the life-saving investment of hiring cross country moving services to do the rest of the relocation process for you could relieve you of stress. That step will get loads of stress and anxiety off your back, and save you on time, so you really won’t skip anything important you have to do. It is always a good idea to remember that relocation companies offer moving insurance, so you can be less worried about whether your belongings will arrive safely at their destination. If you want to get more free time and avoid all the back-breaking work, remember to call the professionals.

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