The Ultimate New Apartment Checklist – Essentials and Other Things to Buy After Long-Distance Moving

If you’re planning a cross-country move, know that average relocation costs can range from $2,300 to $4,300. For that reason, this process deserves serious expense analysis, from the new apartment checklist to packing supplies. With our help, you’ll become a real moving pro – just keep reading and pay attention to the following words of advice.

Create a list for your place in time and be ready when the relocation day comes

When moving out for the first time, you should be familiar with things you need for an apartment, so make sure to create a new apartment shopping list. Whether you’re relocating for love, looking for the best cities for young professionals, or moving away from your parents, this process means being an independent individual standing on his own. Long-distance relocation requires a great organization, which is achievable with proper moving tips and relocation hacks. That being said, if you want to know the cheapest way to move out of state, you should be aware of moving scams and become familiar with the best time of year to move. By hiring long-distance movers, you’ll achieve the relocation you’ve always dreamed about.

What Are Things You Need For a New Apartment?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re relocating to a small town or tiny home or just want a change and fresh start – some steps should be undertaken and things obtained to have a successful move. Turning a new leaf in different surroundings is an exciting milestone, but it requires plenty of work. First, you should transform your home from a blank space to a fully furnished interior. With that said, make sure to create your apartment move-in checklist with all essentials for your current place – from bedroom and kitchen to decorations, such as candles and throw pillows.

When it comes to the things you need for a new apartment, only with an accurate moving expenses checklist and appropriate tips for relocating out of state, you’ll be able to start living in another place peacefully and stress-free.

Before you start purchasing:

  • Have in mind your new place and its layout,
  • Measure rooms and make sure the couch fits in the living room. You can always send some ideas to your family and friends as gift ideas from your apartment checklist.
  • If you’re planning to throw a moving away party, use this event wisely. Ask people for stuff they no longer need, and you’ll see that someone will have extra items, like lamps or dishes they would happily give you for good.

Of course, one of the crucial stages in your cross-country moving is definitely a moving budget. Before creating it, do your research and jot down everything that crosses your mind: from changing your address and obtaining packing materials for the relocation to getting a job in another state (and have an extra plan in case you relocate without a job.) That’s why you should have a clear picture of your total expenses in all phases of your move.


Think About Your Budget and What New Apartment Essentials to Buy Before You Move In

If you plan to purchase all the essential items for your home, it might be quite expensive, especially if you’re tight on budget. Create a moving to-do list. Then put aside money for cross-country moving services, which can include packing, vehicle shipping, and even storage units. Keep in mind that hiring long distance moving company will reduce your savings considerably. So, if you’ve planned to buy some bigger pieces of furniture, such as corner sofas or huge cabinets, try to wait until you recover from a financial setback. For that reason, you should focus on other essentials vital for your day-to-day routines, such as kitchen utensils, food supplies, some cleaning products, and a quality mattress.

What Is the First Thing to Do When You Move Into a New Apartment?

If you have any experience related to moving in for the first time and want to avoid relocation stress, ask others for advice. They can give you some handy tips about making friends in a new city and all other things to do after the relocation. We’ve narrowed down several hacks that will prevent questions like Should I move back home and help you settle in smoothly:

  • Change your address,
  • Set up your utilities in advance,
  • Clean an apartment before you move and fridge,
  • Replace all locks,
  • Disinfect rooms,
  • Attach power strips before the furniture comes,
  • Measure all rooms to make sure all home decor will fit.  
Disinfection of your place is important, so make sure to perform it

Pull Line Between Things You Need For Your Place Straightaway and Items That Can Wait

If you’re wondering, “What do I need for my first home checklist,” the most important thing is to weigh your possibilities and wishes. As we already mentioned, there are things you can bring from your parents’ house or get from friends and relatives. Still, when relocating across the country, shipping expenses might be pricey and unreasonable expensive. So, balance the pros and cons and pick the most suitable solution for you.

There is no need for fancy, bulky, and decorative items at the very beginning of your new life. Essentials for everyday activities like those that meet your basic needs (eating, bathing, sleeping) will be more than enough for the first several weeks or even months. So, let’s find out what are expensive and non-vital possessions for your daily routine:

  • Decorative lamps,
  • Houseplants,
  • Bookshelves,
  • Area rugs,
  • Tablecloths,
  • Small and rarely-used kitchen appliances,
  • Artwork.
Rugs and other decorative furnishings shouldn’t be mandatory on your list

What Are Things to Buy For a New Apartment

Everyday living is possible without lots of possessions with a decorative function. Yet, many people like to furnish their place cozy and comfy in order to feel peaceful and stress-free due to the strange environment. This can be particularly stressed when moving to another state alone. Whatever your reasons to move are, make sure to have someone near you to overcome post-relocation depression and anxiety. Moving with pets is usually an excellent anti-stress option. In case you have to move by yourself and without a furry buddy, organize your priorities in a way that will provide you with a home feel. Be wise and purchase some of these belongings in time:

  • Basic kitchen essential items, such as plates, cooking utensils, mugs, several pans, and pots,
  • Mattress and beddings,
  • Cleaning supplies and toilet paper,
  • Clothing hangers,
  • Step stool or ladder for home use,
  • Hooks, nails, and tool kit set,
  • Batteries, extension cords, and power strips.
Cooking utensils are never surplus

The Most Important New Apartment Checklist Is Kitchen To-Do List

After you move into another place, you’ll face an under-equipped kitchen. Whether you like it or not, you should obtain enough supplies to prepare a decent meal and still have an extra plate, mug, or bowl just in case. Make sure to have some of the most useful kitchen furniture and essentials.

Kitchen Essentials Are a Must – From Cleaning Products to Condiments and Pantry Supplies

It’s not said in vain that packing a kitchen is one of the most demanding jobs when it comes to long-distance relocation. If you’ve ever experienced stowing pots and pans or cutlery, it explains everything. For that reason, you cannot expect to move into another place and have all the necessary supplies unless you haven’t brought or bought them already. And the list doesn’t stop on your silverware and dishes. There are plenty of items that can be easily overlooked – from furniture to the bag of chips. How can you save yourself from troubles when you decide to prepare a meal or enjoy coffee with friends? Just follow our list of must-haves:

  • Dining table and chairs if you already don’t have them,
  • Refrigerator and stove,
  • Cooking utensils (pots, pans, dishes),
  • Plates, dishes, and mugs,
  • Cups, glasses, and bowls,
  • Appliances (blender, microwave, toaster),
  • Eating utensils,
  • Plastic bags,
  • Storage containers,
  • Condiments and pantry essentials (different spices, meat, milk, water, fruit, vegetables, sugar, flour, snacks, oil),
  • Trash bags and a trash can,
  • Paper towels and napkins,
  • Kitchen towels,
  • Broom and dustpan.
If you like cooking, your kitchenette must be well-equipped

After Backbreaking Work, Hot Shower in a Bathroom Is Required

After a tasty meal, it’s time to have a relaxing shower. You can opt for a bubble foam or refreshing shower. But, it’s feasible only if your bathroom is entirely ready and equipped with all the necessary accessories. Make sure to arrange this space to your liking and have an unforgettable experience in your new bathroom.

Consider These Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Whether you prefer a long and fragrant bath or taking a quick shower, you should have some essential items to complete this process. From hygiene products to cleaning supplies, you name it. Whatever you choose to buy, one thing is sure – you’ll need all of these products:

  • Soap,
  • Shower gel or bath foam,
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • Deodorant,
  • Makeup,
  • Storage for toiletries,
  • Shampoo and conditioner,
  • Toilet brush,
  • Cleaning products,
  • Stiff brush,
  • Microfiber cloth and microfiber mop.
It’s not enough to have just towels in your bathroom - you should get some toiletries and cleaning supplies as well

A Good Night’s Sleep in a Cozy Bedroom Is All You Need After Moving In Day

You had a delicious dinner and warm bath, and you feel sleepy. And how could you not after such a hard day? The best refreshment for the mind and body is to get enough sleep, which is possible only if you have a comfortable bed. In other words, having a soft and firm mattress is everything you need in your bedroom. At least at the beginning of your fresh start.

Fill the Space of Your Bedroom With A Quality Mattress

If you don’t sleep well, you’ll face many health issues – from higher body weight to low concentration. So, make sure to buy a new mattress as soon as possible because it’s one of the most important furniture pieces. If you’re not rested, you won’t have any interest in watching your favorite TV show on your latest flat screen. Nor would you like to spend time reading a book on that luxury leather sofa. So, don’t underestimate your body needs and find plenty of time to sleep on a top-notch mattress.

Sleep well, and you’ll feel well

Additional Tips That Will Answer the Question “How Do I Prepare For My First Apartment?”

Financial possibilities usually have the last word in situations of this type. That being said, it’s up to you to determine your priorities. We’ll help you shed light on the possibilities:

  • Add a fresh coat of paint to your walls,
  • Redecorate your entryway with shoe racks, umbrella stands, organizational shelving, and alike,
  • Meet your neighbors and gain friends that will help you feel more comfortable and pleasant in a strange neighborhood,
  • Figure out trash pickup days,
  • Replace smoke detector batteries.

When you start living in your own place, you have to deal with great responsibility. You have to create an equilibrium between practical and decorative issues, brain and your heart. It can sound challenging, but the truth is you cannot accomplish everything at once. Sometimes, practicality (setting up utilities or getting an extra set of keys made) can help achieve your inner peace. On the other hand, allowing that artistic talent inside you to manifest will satisfy your aesthetic cravings. For that reason, find the compromise and arrange your space to your liking.

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