Moving During Coronavirus – Benefits and Disadvantages

Posted Moving Essentials / October 12, 2021
Kate Holland

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The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic came unexpectedly and left a significant impact on the world around us. We’ve changed our daily routines and struggled to keep our loved ones safe. But Americans didn’t stay in one place; moving during coronavirus has continued as before.

We’ve all been through a lot in the past year. We’ve been under severe measures and seen how the economy has felt a great impact of the lockdown. Many Americans lost work positions in companies they were employed in, so they had to look for ways to get a job in a new city. Those working from home have felt the mental impact of being in tight spaces, so they had to get out and completely change their surroundings. They went even as far as relocating to a new state, leaving the hustle and bustle of big cities far behind, without even turning back. But what are the gains and losses of moving during covid-19?

Answering Some Questions About COVID-19 Up Until Now

In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the novel virus outbreak is officially a pandemic. This virus is the cause of an infectious disease whose symptoms may vary from mild to severe respiratory illness. While those with mild symptoms usually recover without requiring special treatment, people with cardinal medical issues are most likely to develop serious illnesses. The groups with the most risk are people with cardiovascular or chronic respiratory problems, cancer, and diabetes, and older people.

Our Daily Lives and Moving During COVID-19 Have Changed

So what did it mean for any of us? Many countries have entered into a months-long lockdown, and strict measures have been put in place to help stop the spread and save as many lives as possible. The vaccine was developed in record time, and it has been distributed since the end of 2020, although the somewhat loosened measures are still on. But those who had a plan to move to another city still had to check if a relocation company was legitimate and hire reliable companies for moving during the lockdown. Many questions were raised, and among them – “are movers essential workers?” Relocation companies were declared an essential service, so they continued to provide their relocating solutions under strict safety policy.


How the Companies Trained Their Cross-Country Movers to Handle Safety Protocols

But you’re probably wondering – is it safe to move during the Covid outbreak? Reputable long-distance movers will act responsibly and stick to all the safety precautions to keep their clients safe and sound. When you invest in quality cross-country moving services provided by reliable companies, here’s what a professional team will act like:

  • Each member of the relocation company team will wear personal equipment for protection, including wearing a mask at all times and gloves on the hands.
  • Movers will sanitize and disinfect any shared surface to keep their customers safe.
  • Each crew member will regularly wash their hands and sanitize them, especially after touching shared surfaces. The same principle is applied for the stuff that goes into storage service.
  • If you’ve invested in the packing service and the movers have to be in your home for a while, you should keep in mind that each one of them will make sure they forgo handshaking and will work six feet apart whenever possible.
  • No one with symptoms will show up at work; the company requires them to stay home.

Clients are also advised to let movers know if any member of their household is showing any symptoms. Once the professionals enter your home, one of the essential things on how to move during Covid-19 is to keep your distance, wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and be available for any additional questions. Make sure you provide the relocation specialists with disinfectants and sanitizers and with access to the bathroom.

The Advantages of Relocating Are Many, but Moving During the Pandemic Can Also Bring Unexpected Advantages

Even with the virus outbreak still going strong, Americans relocate a lot, and we have various reasons to move. In reality, it is one of the most significant changes we go through, and it’s not an easy one. Going away from friends and leaving the familiar surroundings behind usually causes relocating stress. But why do we do it then? We look for tips for moving out of state because we simply want to head out into the unknown and live in a different setting where we can grow as human beings. Or perhaps we’re taking that next step, and we’re relocating for love to be with our significant other. Either way, when we leave, we have many beneficial experiences ahead of us, so let’s see what awaits us after we figure out how to move during coronavirus.

Finding a Less Stressful Job in a Serene Environment

Many citizens have lost their work positions, and with the virus on the loose, they probably felt like their world was falling apart. They were forced to move without a job into less populated areas like a small town or a different city in another part of the country just to find a position. It doesn’t need to sound as gloomy as that – working in an urban core in most cases means that you’re in a cutthroat environment with fierce competition, and the stress of it keeps wearing you out. If you leave such a job behind and find work somewhere less stressful, it will be beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Can I Move During Coronavirus and Leave the Chaos of a City Far Behind?

Statistics have shown a new trend in relocating – Americans are listening to relocating tips telling them to leave the hustle and bustle of a city behind them. Those who worked from their residence were the first to listen. Being locked inside small apartments can be mind-numbing, and although the measures are loosened, people who live in densely populated areas still feel trapped. That’s why a big advantage of relocating in the middle of the virus outbreak is to find your home in a place with open spaces, lots of greenery, and smiling residents who all know each other. This is the moment when small-town communities shine, and digital nomads are loving it.

You’ll Replace Your Small Abode With a Large Home You’ve Always Wanted

Studio apartment residents are aware of why they’ve agreed to live in cramped spaces. It’s a minor inconvenience you endure to be close to your place of employment and all the perks of a metropolis. But with the virus still at large, small abodes started feeling tighter than ever, which gave way to rethinking finding a large suburban residence instead. Having a beautiful backyard is something most of us dream of, and when is better a moment to move into a house than when we’re supposed to keep our distance from other people. It will give us some room to breathe, and we won’t even need any specific decluttering or packing tips because everything we’ve kept in an apartment will fit into a house easily.

Having Moments to Yourself, So You Can Make Your Skills Perfect

Preparing for a move takes some relocating hacks, but what to do with our time when we settle in a new place? Being away from crowds and urban buzz will give you enough free space in your schedule to work on improving your skills. It will also allow you to learn something new in a different environment. It can be beneficial in your line of work or perhaps can lead you on a different career path – it’s your choice.

Catching up With Hobbies

Most of us had a hobby at some point in our life. And the majority of us quit them, not because we grow tired of them, but because we usually don’t have time to spare anymore. If you move away from your current area to a less populated state, you’ll have much more free space in your schedule to get back to doing something you love. Or find a completely new interest to indulge yourself in and place it on your to-do list.

You’ll Have Time to Catch Your Breath

Relocating is stressful because of many reasons. We struggle to make a relocation expenses checklist but also to save on our move, and we try to maintain long-distance friendships after we relocate. But the virus outbreak emphasizes the stress even more. We’ve seen the pressure from all around that we should use this time away from each other to be useful, learn and create, but you shouldn’t beat yourself over it. There are quite a few people who find this situation paralyzing, and they can’t focus on learning. You should keep in mind that it’s completely okay to just sit and relax and binge-watch your favorite show or read a book. We are all distinct and react to tension differently; some of us simply need some “me” time when we can relax and rest from all the negativity and fear surrounding us.

The Greatest Disadvantage of Moving During a Pandemic Are the Safety Precautions

There are no real disadvantages of relocating, even in the days of the novel virus pandemic. We take the usual steps – look for the cheapest way to move out of state and consider the most commonly forgotten things to pack so we don’t misplace anything. But the virus is still a threat, and we have to be strict about the safety precautions to keep everyone safe. Being at a distance from everyone isn’t easy. A long-distance moving company will arrive at your residence to pack up everything, they’ll come to pick up your car if you’re sending it via auto transport service, and there’ll be a lot of coming and going around your abode. And during all that time, you’ll have to make sure everyone is safe, everything is sanitized, and you and your family are keeping your distance. You won’t be able to throw a moving away party either. The same goes for the trip to your future place, and it’s stressful to keep everything under control, but it’s not unachievable.

The following video provides you with detailed information about the safety measures.

YouTube video

Yes, Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic is Possible

The virus outbreak has indeed impacted our lives in every possible way. We’ve learned to view our work differently (all those meetings really could have been emails) and to cherish moments with other human beings, but also those we have for ourselves. But when we plan to move to another place, we have to stick to all possible measures while trying to avoid fraudulent movers and their relocating scams. We also look for ways to cut down our relocation budget. But even with the virus on the loose, our lives go forward to another place to call home, even if it means relocating with a bag full of disinfectants.

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