Moving in Together is a Milestone – Here’s How to Make the Best of It

Posted How-to / July 27, 2021
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

It’s a fact of life that moving in together happens to be a massive milestone for any of us. It’s not simply about relocating and changing your scenery. It’s about taking the relationship to the next level. But, if you have never gone through cohabiting before, how to make the best of it?

According to the statistics from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of Americans starting to live together before marriage is growing. You and your loved one may consider it as a test drive before a more significant commitment. Or you are simply tired of traveling far just to spend a short amount of time with your partner, and you want to go through long-distance moving once and for all. But, before you invest in long-distance moving services, pack up and go into the sunset where your SO is waiting with arms wide open, consider what it takes to make this transition a smooth one.

How Do You Know You’re Ready to Move In Together?

You are very well aware that relocating is stressful. In fact, it’s considered one of the most significant stressors, but knowing that you’ll start cohabiting with your loved one may lower that stress considerably. However, when is it time to move in together? Is there a magical formula, a Hocus Pocus, that will help you decide? Or are there some factors that tell you it’s the right time to pay for auto shipping service for your vehicle and relocate to a new state for love?

You’ve Been In a Relationship With Your Partner for Quite Some Time

The timing of the “I think we should move in together” sentence is pretty much an individual one. But if you have been dating for a while, you can say with some certainty that it’s the right moment to search for helpful relocating tips and be on your way to becoming a couple moving in together. Cohabitation shouldn’t be rushed, because if you have just started seeing someone, living together might drive you apart, no matter how much you like each other. An established relationship can only ease the process if you decide it’s that exact time to start living together.

You Are Those Kind of Partners That Can Step Away From Argument With Ease

It’s next to impossible to agree with someone else on every little thing, and it’s only natural for couples to argue. However, if you are in that stage of a relationship where you can disagree without raising voices at each other, it’s a sign that you respect each other and each other’s opinion. So, how long should you wait to move in together? Having down-to-earth disagreements is a sign you’ve matured as a couple and that you don’t have to wait any longer to live together. Mutual respect is a great ground to build on because on top of relocating stress you are going to put yourself through, you need a stable bond with your partner, not arguments.

Having Your Own Space Is Fine by Both

As much as finding the cheapest way to move out of state is important, it’s also crucial for couples moving in together to agree to give each other some space and alone moments. We realize that some couples do everything together, but being inseparable may get overwhelming for those living in tiny apartments. Accepting your partner for who they are and acknowledging that they can enjoy the activities you don’t is a sign of maturity.

You’ve Agreed to Start Living Together, but Which One of You Will Be Calling the Long-Distance Movers?

This step means you’ll have to choose which one will move. Or you’re perhaps a younger couple, and you’ll both move to be with each other? When it comes to relocating for love, choosing the place is also the talk you’ll have to have as partners. Perhaps one of you has a promising career and doesn’t want to leave it behind, while the other is more flexible when it comes to their workplace. Or one of you is attached to their family and doesn’t want to venture far from their nest. These are all the factors that you both need to consider and agree on, so you could both be happy.

If You’ve Decided to Rent a New Place, Here’s What You Need to Know

It may be that none of you is too attached to your current homes or workplaces. And that’s why you’ve decided to meet halfway, and both leave your previous residences to settle in together. But if you have no experience in renting, here’s what you need to rent an apartment:

  • Bank statements or pay stubs will both work as a guarantee of your regular income. Community managers or landlords usually ask for two, and handing them copies is just fine.
  • A letter of recommendation from the previous landlord (if one of you has already rented a place before) will be more than helpful. It will prove your reliability and might be the decisive factor in connecting you to the apartment you both like.
  • Your social security number or any form of identification will be needed so that your potential landlord can run a credit check. The usual credit score required for a lease is from 620 to 650.
  • A friend or a family member may help you by co-signing the lease if you have no rental history. They, too, should have a good credit score.

If you have all this ready at your hand, make a list of things you need for your first apartment, and you are good to go.

What to Discuss Before Moving in Together – The Money Talk

One of the main things to discuss before moving in together is finances and every aspect of it. For starters, will your partner financially help you move? Let’s face it, relocations are demanding but also expensive. Write down a relocation expenses checklist, talk to your significant other about the relocation budget, and see if they can help you pay the cross-country movers.

Moving Employed or Unemployed, How Will You as Partners Manage the Financial Side?

If you’ve managed to get a job in another state before relocating there, you’ll have one less thing to worry about, and you can focus on tasks like packing books that you’ll take with you. But, if you haven’t landed a work position yet, and you’ve both decided to start living together, the initial budget is something you should also communicate with your SO about. They’ll need to back you up on rent, utilities and groceries until you get employed, so you must have an honest talk and decide what to do.

Splitting the Costs for the Place You’re Living in Is a Crucial Step

The money talk doesn’t end there, since it’s as important as paying for relocating insurance while your stuff is in transport. One of the crucial steps when thinking about how to move in together is to sit down and decide how you’re going to cover the expenses. These are usually equally split between partners, but it may not be your case, and it might depend on your monthly income. For example, it might be decided that one of you pays a bit more if one of you has a higher monthly payment. Whatever solution you may come by, it’s essential that you set it straight right away.

Does Your Partner Like Animals? Perhaps You’re Planning to Bring Your Pet

Bringing in your furry companion is a big thing, and you’ll have to be sure if your SO is on the same page when it comes to pets. But since you are together for a while, then chances are they love your animal friend, too. So, how do you move in together if you’re relocating with pets? You should agree on the responsibilities, such as walks or veterinary visits. And the cleaning chores, of course. If you need some tips for relocating out of state with a pet, you should know that your animal companion can’t be transferred through cross-country moving services, so arm yourself with a pet crate before you head out to your new home.

How Many Things Should You Pack and Bring?

Before you call the long-distance moving company to move you, you should get rid of some of your stuff. There’s a high possibility that all of your possessions won’t fit into the apartment you’re settling into, so make sure you declutter first. You can throw away damaged and unusable items, donate the ones in good condition, or maybe even sell some of your belongings online. If you have some bulkier furniture pieces you don’t want to part with, an intelligent choice is to invest in a storage service and place everything there. But, be certain you’ve brought your belongings that mean to you sentimentally, and don’t let them be among the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

You’ve Set Things in Motion, Now Choose Your Movers

Finding the right company to help you move is one of those relocating hacks that you should know of, to be able to avoid relocating scams and fall victim to their shady business. If you don’t get referrals from reliable sources, such as friends or family, pay attention to online reviews of companies near you, and narrow down your search to five. Give them a call to get an estimate, and choose the one that suits your budget.

Create a New Circle of Friends and Adjust More Quickly

It may be hard for you that you are about to move away from friends and venture into the unknown. Although the plus side is that you’ll have all the time in the world to spend with your loved one, making friends in a new city should be one of your goals and things to do after relocating. You can start by meeting your SO’s friends and spending time with them, but you may also meet up with your colleagues for a drink after work. Joining a club or a course of your interest is an excellent starting point, too. Some tips on establishing a circle of friends can be heard in the following video.

YouTube video

Make It a Brand New Start for Both of You

Relocating to a life together is a significant change. You’ll handle the move effortlessly with a to-do list, which will remind you to change your address on time. But it’s not only about the move itself. The main question is: Do relationships change when you move in together? Of course they do, and for the better. Living under one roof gets us closer to each other, helps us get a better understanding of each other, and teaches us to live with our partner’s bad habits. It will help us grow as human beings and lead us to overcome some new challenges that will come along. Wondering what to know before moving in together? Living together is a form of art, and you both contribute to it.

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