How to Make Friends in a New State – 6 Tips You Can Use

Posted How-to / July 19, 2021
Eva Johnson

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You’ve got your eyes set on a new destination, a cozy home within your price range, and you have contacted a trustworthy cross-country moving company. There are a few more details to keep in mind, but here’s an essential one – how to make friends in a new state? Granted, the answer is quite easy and apparent for some, but many people who move feel a bit anxious about adjusting to the environment and fitting in. And that is why we have come up with a list of these proven tips that will help anyone overcome the struggle and meet the locals quickly.

How Do I Make Friends in Another State?

Once you’re done making a relocation to-do list and you have gathered all the tips for moving out of state effortlessly, there are other crucial things you will need to keep in mind. Firstly, it is vital to get a job in the new city as soon as you can. Pursuing career advancement is one of the essential reasons to move, according to research conducted by Statista.

Still, there is another crucial component to wrap your mind around. Do you know how to make friends when you move? If you want to start off correctly, you must socialize with others. It’s up to you whether you’ll gain more acquaintances primarily through work or by hosting parties and events. Luckily, those aren’t the only alternatives for befriending others. Explore more ways to fit into the community and enrich your social life.


Your Guide for Meeting People in a New City

First of all, you will have to keep an open mind. Be aware that your chosen city or neighborhood can be very different from your old hometown. Embrace the change and look forward to diversity. Then, once your mindset is prepared for entirely different scenery, follow these steps to get to know your new town:

  • Use the internet to connect with people who share your location and interests,
  • Explore Facebook groups for local communities or download an app that will help you mingle,
  • Find friends of friends and reconnect with former acquaintances, classmates, or colleagues,
  • Build a bond with your current co-workers and participate in after-work activities with them,
  • Throw a housewarming party and invite your neighbors over to get to know them,
  • Search for events that match your interests and attend them whenever you can,
  • Join a book club or an organization that shares your enthusiasm for a certain topic,
  • Sign up for some classes to enjoy your hobbies and talk to people,
  • Participate in garage and yard sales and do charity work.

If you follow these simple tips, your transition will be smooth. You will be less likely to consider whether you should move back home.

Bonus Tip: How Can an Introvert Make Friends in a New City?

Shared interests and beliefs are always the best conversation starters. However, if you have a hard time speaking up about them, try out social media first. Although it seems tough, saying that you’re new in town loud and clear will trigger sympathy and positive reactions. Most people will offer advice or a tour of the area and fun places near you. Stepping out of your comfort zone might make your palms sweaty, but it is 100% worth it. And here’s how you can accomplish it:

  • Let everyone know through social media that you are new in town,
  • Break your usual patterns by making the first move,
  • Keep track of how you feel when interacting and taking a step forward,
  • Mind your emotions and do things at your own pace,
  • Land a job and socialize with colleagues at your own pace.

If you take things slowly and acknowledge the fact that you need a bit more time to relax, you won’t feel overwhelmed by your choices, new places, and meeting friends.

1.  Use the Internet to Join Local Communities

The entire relocation process is paved with online searches. Whether you’re checking out the reviews to compare local moving or maybe long-distance moving services or getting to know the cheapest ways to move out of state – you will have to rely on the internet.

Once you reach your destination, the virtual adventures will continue. Since you have moved away from friends and relatives, you will unquestionably feel a bit blue. However, socializing is at the top of the list of things to do after relocating. So grab your smartphone and look up some groups to join, apps to download, and events to attend.

In addition, you will find some like-minded people if you follow hashtags and topics related to your preferences. Whether you’re an exotic food aficionado, a dog owner, or an adrenaline-driven adventurist, there is someone on the web who would love to connect and share experiences with you. Don’t be afraid to leave comments, share articles, videos, pictures, and other content to get started.

Connect With Friends of Friends

When relocating to a new state, it is best to discover exciting places, attractions, and hot spots in advance. That way, you will have time for a few things to do as soon as you arrive, clean the apartment or house, and unpack. Also, it is ideal to know if your friends have some people they’re close to in your future area. Your old crew will be there to help you pack up and move furniture, and they will also be supportive when it comes to getting introduced to their acquaintances or friends.

While they do their social magic, be sure to do yours – post a status on your social media pages and let the world know you have arrived. State the name of your chosen city and see how it turns out. Perhaps some of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn buddies will be happy to introduce you to their crowd.

Join Local Facebook Groups to Meet New People

Although many find a stress-free move to be a myth, it is quite possible to reduce most causes for concern. And, like all actionable relocation hacks, it starts with careful and timely planning. However, since not being familiar with your future town contributes to being anxious, you will need to take some time to direct your attention toward this crucial aspect.

With our phones rarely leaving our hands, we come off as superglued to social media. And when you move – that’s actually a great thing. Start with the most popular network – give Facebook a shot. Begin your quest by going to the search bar at the top of your home page and click on the button groups to filter your results. Insert your main keywords (your location included) and sit back while the search engine takes you halfway toward your future friendships. Check out a few of these groups and join them to meet new people.

2.  Bond With Colleagues

Getting a job in another state before moving there is paramount if you want to avoid relocation stress and hire professional long-distance movers to help you out. Still, taking a second glance at your relocation budget and calculating the costs isn’t the sole reason to look forward to your career advancement and occupying the next position. Landing a fresh work opportunity means meeting more people and building relationships with them.

Be accessible and showcase how interested you are in becoming a part of their friend group. Accept their invitations to lunch breaks, after-work get-togethers, and other activities they share. Many companies actually organize these meetups, team buildings, and extracurricular activities. And even if they don’t – feel free to suggest some quality time to your coworkers so you can learn more about each other.

In the meantime, here is a video that can help you land a job in the first place (just in case you need a nudge and a few CV building tips and tricks):

YouTube video

3.  Throw a Party to Meet Neighbors

Before you left your old residence, you most likely had a moving away party – or just invited a few people over for some snacks and refreshment while spontaneously seeking their guidance on packing electronics or wrapping fragile items to keep them safe. That was quite effective and still fun, right?

And once you’ve reached your home-to-be, you should have a get-together once again to start things off on the right foot with your next-door neighbors. Make it simple and informal. Don’t set the bar too high or turn up the music way too loud. Be moderate, considerate, and with your eyes wide open to grasp your neighbors’ taste and style.

Be Polite and Understand Your Neighbors’ Needs and Policies

Is it hard to make friends in a new city? It won’t be if you start from your own backyard or a shared hallway in the building. Being a good neighbor who takes care of others is paramount. Not only will people around you appreciate each effort you make, but you will undoubtedly feel excellent about it. Be courteous and approachable. Help others whenever you can and communicate with them to learn about their needs (and let them acknowledge yours).

4.  Buy a Bike or Join the Locals in Other Activities and Hobbies

When you move to an entirely different place, it’s easy to develop more hobbies or start to enjoy certain activities – in order to get familiar with the surroundings and local residents. Relocating to another state usually entails needing a car upon arrival. For that purpose, most people choose to research cheap ways to ship a vehicle so they can skip the part where they have to drive the whole distance. Still, aside from acquiring reliable auto transport services, you will want to have another form of transportation at your new home. Buying a bicycle and exploring a few nearby routes can be excellent for you. It will keep you healthy, active, socially engaged, and familiar with your surroundings.

Visiting hiking trails is also great for your body, mind, and social life. Join a few online groups to learn about the most popular hiking routes and pick up on a few tips. Meet the locals who also enjoy the outdoors and befriend them. And if you’re planning to move with pets, you’ll just have more common ground with other dog or cat people in the local park.

Join a Book Club and Sign Up for Courses

If you enjoy reading and you have packed your books for the move, joining a club where you can meet people with similar interests is a fantastic icebreaker. And it can be applied to nearly any hobby.

Aside from these get-togethers, browse the web and find some affordable classes. Whether it’s dance lessons, learning a foreign language, or joining a local sports team, you can easily apply, attend, and expand your network of friends. You can also join a group dedicated to yoga or meditation. In fact, whatever your field of interest is, you can turn it into a tool to meet people.

5.  Explore the Cultural Scene and Attend Events

No matter if you just moved to a small town from a big city or vice-versa, there are still places and events to explore. Reviewing the overall environment and the social and cultural scene can start by visiting some coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and taverns. In addition, you should know about the large shopping malls and small shops and grocery stores. These are all excellent places to mingle.

Then, visit museums, art galleries, zoos, and aquariums. If you like amusement parks, find some nearby. Stay up-to-date with art exhibitions, concerts, theater plays, and movies.

6.  Participate in Yard Sales and Charity Work

Get involved in charity work and donate old clothes to the homeless, give away some of the old furniture, and set aside some old toys for donating. This way, you’ll help out those in need, and you will be surrounded by those who share your empathy.

Follow These Tips to Learn How to Make Friends in a new State Quicky and Have an Amazing Start

Making friends in a new state can be stressful. Even though the outcome must be great, the process itself can seem tiring and uncertain. That is why you should follow these simple and practical tricks to get familiar with your new neighbors, colleagues, and others in your chosen town. Use everything at your disposal to boost the quality of your life and interactions – from the virtual world to actually hanging out. And remember – nearly every place you visit offers a chance to meet a friend. Try it out. You’ll thank yourself later.

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