Is It Possible to Move Safely While Pandemic Lasts?

Relocating to a new place is a stressful and tiring process. An even more challenging task is to prepare for a move during an unexpected disease outbreak. You will have to work out a comprehensive strategy for a smooth relocation. We can share our best tips on how to move safely and avoid contracting the coronavirus. Here is what you need to know about moving during a pandemic.

Relocation during the pandemic is possible if you follow safety measures

The coronavirus pandemic is responsible for the majority of the moves during 2021 and 2022. An overwhelming number of people chose to leave big cities and go to suburbs or countrysides where homes are more affordable. Maybe you’re asking yourself too – should I move back home. Whatever the reasons for the move are, it is important to stay safe and protected at all times. If you want to avoid moving stress and anxiety, you should plan everything out, so you don’t make any relocation mistakes. In this way, you will definitely have a stress-free move.

Get Safety Information From Your Moving Company

Before investing in cross-country moving services, you should get detailed information on your movers’ safety precautions. Ask about all the sanitary procedures they implement and the number of employees that will arrive at your home on relocation day. You should also ask if they provide virtual moving quotes so you can do everything from the comfort of your own home.

Some companies can make all the paperwork available online so you can print out your copies. You might not know if some prices changed during the pandemic, so make sure you ask how much long-distance movers cost. If you unexpectedly get sick, you should be able to change the relocation date without any penalties.

Contact the relocation company if you have any questions about precautions they take

Check COVID-19 Rules of the State You’re Going to

You have decided where you will live, but you don’t know what restrictions await you. Covid-19 rules vary across different states. Therefore, you have to research all the restrictions and mandates enforced in the state you are heading to. You should inquire about testing rules and vaccination passports.

If you have quarantine or get tested when you arrive at your location, double-check what kind of negative coronavirus tests are valid. Check if you need to provide proof of receiving the third booster shot. Prepare all of your documentation in advance and ensure that you don’t misplace or forget anything. Check the CDC website for cases in the state you are going to.


It Would Be Best to Have a Plan B For Emergencies

The pandemic’s peak is not the best time for moving across the country. But if you have to relocate, create a plan B for any mishaps that might occur. You might lose your negative covid test or the vaccination card. You don’t want to go anywhere without your essential documents, so ensure you have everything. In case you lose your vaccination card, do not panic.

You can get a backup copy because your vaccination status is recorded in an electronic medical record. You should be able to receive a printout of your medical record. If you lose your negative COVID-19 test, you can check if you have results in your phone you can show as proof when entering another state. If you don’t have that information on your phone, you can opt for a rapid antigen test. In case you catch the virus, don’t think your move is ruined. The best thing to do would be to postpone the moving date and stay home.

Prepare for any unforeseen circumstances during your move

Don’t Overpack When Preparing For The Move

Your move should be well-planned. You don’t want to see your cross-country movers filling the moving truck six times. Go through your house and see what you will definitely use when you move to your new house or apartment, but throw away what you don’t think is necessary. It would be wise to clean and declutter before you start packing. Make sure you have all the packing materials and supplies you need to pack your stuff, such as a box cutter, cardboard boxes, duct tape, and bubble wrap.

You will relocate efficiently if you choose to temporarily store your belongings in a storage unit. Things you don’t require in your house immediately upon arrival should be placed in storage. This means you should contact your relocation company and request storage services. You will be able to move out slowly, and you won’t be burdened with a heavy load.

Consider Using Moving Hacks

In order for your packing to be effortless, you have known some moving tips and tricks. If you pack everything properly, it will take less time for your movers to load your belongings onto a truck. This will lower your chances of getting exposed to the virus. Set your relocation budget in advance so you know how much money you can spend. You can also color-code your boxes, so you know where everything is. Recycle items you find insignificant. You might also want to donate furniture that is too bulky to move. If you are afraid your belongings might get damaged, you have an option to request relocation insurance from your long-distance moving company.

You want to be sure that you are healthy before your move, so it would be wise to do all your shopping online. Research what you have to buy and where you can order it from. Draw up a relocation expenses checklist. Stock up on hand sanitizers, masks, and antibacterial hand wipes. If you have to go to stores, search for places that are spacious. You can prepare a relocation essentials bag where you can store all your important belongings you will carry.

Here is a video you can watch on tips and tricks that will speed up your packing process.

Move Safely With Kids

The most important thing is to communicate with your children. Show them where you will be traveling to and answer any questions they may have. You can create a plan or routine for when they must wear their mask and how they should behave during the move. That will ensure your kids stay healthy and safe during relocation. Explain to them that it is of utmost importance they follow the instructions you are going to give them for safety purposes. You can pack their favorite toys, snacks, or food, so they don’t get bored or fussy. Be patient with them and stay positive. Check for necessary travel documents your kids require and get more information about COVID-19 certificates for minors.

Relocating to Another Home With a Pet

Before you prepare your pet for the move, you should visit the veterinarian. The vet can provide you with the required certificates. It is necessary to have a certificate of good health wherever you are going with your pet. Call the airline you are traveling with and ask if you need any extra certificates. They will tell you everything you should know. During the move, you should be cautious with your animal. You should avoid letting them lick you or sit in your lap. You should also not share food with them or snuggle and kiss them. If you have a dog or a cat, the best thing would be to buy a pet crate or a dog carrier where your pet can be safe during the move.

What You Should Do Before Movers Arrive

You must prepare for the relocation day. Consider all the tips you know for moving out of state. This means that during a pandemic you have to be extremely cautious so don’t forget to clean your apartment or your house. You want to keep your family and movers safe during this process. Use a disinfectant spray that kills any bacteria and viruses. Wipe all the handles and stair railing. Move your furniture and prepare everything for being loaded into trucks. Wipe the inside of your car if you’re paying for auto shipping. Disinfect your electronics and pack them carefully into labeled boxes. What should also be on your to-do list is buying additional masks, hand wipes, and gloves in case your mover doesn’t have any.

Prepare your house for relocation day by cleaning everything

What You Should Do When Your Movers Arrive

Pay attention to the safety precautions of your mover. If they are not wearing masks or disinfecting before entering your house, give them the masks you have. Maintain a distance of at least six feet while they are carrying your boxes and loading them onto a truck. Prepare all the receipts and paperwork for the long-distance moving services you paid for.  You have to show crew members the receipts before they start emptying your house. Keep soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer in a visible place so that everyone can wash hands and disinfect their hands.

Another moving safety tip during a pandemic is to open the windows while there are a lot of people inside the house. In this way, you will let in the fresh air. If you don’t have too much stuff, the crew will finish the job quickly. Therefore, you will not have a high chance of contracting coronavirus.

Take precautions on the relocation day, such as wearing a mask and disinfecting

What Should You Do When You Move In a New House

After a stressful and tiresome move, you won’t be up to cleaning your new apartment or house. But during a pandemic, one of the most vital things to do after relocating is clean your new place. You cannot predict what condition your new place will be in or who lived there before you. You will be able to find guides online on how to clean an apartment before moving in, which might help you with some tricks you might not know.

If you have cleaning supplies you used for your previous apartment, you can use them again without spending extra cash on additional products. Scrub the floors, kitchen counters, and bathroom. Wipe the window and vacuum everything. Use the antibacterial spray for every surface. Only then will you know you will be safe and protected.

Before you move in, do a deep cleaning of your new house

Now You Know How to Relocate Safely

Have you’ve been wondering – Is it safe to relocate while the pandemic lasts? Yes, absolutely. You’ve been planning your relocation for months and there is no need for postponing. If you implement all of the tips we have shared with you, you can be assured that the process will be smooth and efficient. Don’t forget to reach out to your relocation company for advice on how to be safe when the movers arrive at your door. Prepare all of your documents in advance and stock up on masks. If you implement all of this, you won’t have to worry about the move. We wish you a successful and stress-free move. Good luck!

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