How to Decide Where to Live and Make a Decision You Won’t Regret

If we take into consideration that 32 million people moved within the US in 2018, then we shouldn’t be shocked that so many of us are wondering how to decide where to live. Every relocation is a challenging and stressful process, not only because many tasks have to be done before and after the move, but also because there are some factors you need to take into account when deciding where to move.

Changing the location of living isn't always an easy task

Someone is taking a big step in their life and decided to move alone, while on the other hand, someone is relocating for love. However, there are many other reasons to move, whether you want to be closer to your family or you finally found a dream job and you can’t miss that opportunity. So, if you’re using local moving or long-distance moving services, there are many things to consider and many questions to be answered, like how to decide where to move or where should I move to and start over. If you are asking yourself the same questions, we created a list of things to think about. That way, the whole relocation process will be much easier for you, and you’ll move efficiently because you’ll know exactly where and why you’re relocating.

Search the Perfect Place and Consider Where Would You Like to Move

Finding a perfect location and wondering how to pick where to live could be a time-consuming process. From creating a relocation expenses checklist and figuring out the cheapest way to relocate, it is completely reasonable you don’t know where to start planning and how to be sure you made the right decision. However, we all once came across someplace that took our breath away and started imagining what it would be like to live there. Is it a location with 350 sunny days and beautiful sandy beaches, or do you prefer mountains with a bit colder climate?

Answering questions like this is the first step in the whole process before you even start research for a reliable cross-country moving company that will handle the move professionally. Then, explore all other factors that could affect your living in the future place, like affordability, job opportunities, crime rates, family-friendliness, and many others.

People tend to pick the city by many factors, be sure you choose well your new home

Big City vs. Town vs. Village – One of the First Decision When Thinking About How to Choose a Place to Live

You may have found a perfect location for your new home because the climate is perfect, or you simply found the house of your dreams. Don’t forget there are other things you have to count on, like the size of the place. Do you prefer visiting cultural events, museums, concerts? Or you’re thinking of relocating to a small town where you can safely and quietly raise your kids and not spend too much time commuting from work to home? Or a hidden village where your next neighbor will be a mile away is something you want for years now? When wondering how to pick where to live, these are also essential factors, and you just have to count them in. So, like you’re going to make a checklist with tasks for your move to another state, make a list of things you want from your future location. That way, it will be easier for you to decide if you have more options.


Healthcare and Insurance Services Should Be the on Your Mind When Deciding Where to Move

Among the details you have to pay attention to and all the factors to include in a decision concerning a perfect location and life, don’t forget about a good infrastructure. Having healthcare and insurance is something you won’t think about if you’re a young professional seeking a career, but after time you might start thinking about family, and then you’ll need the best doctors and care at your disposal. You probably think that all bigger cities must have a good infrastructure with all conveniences of insurance and healthcare, but it isn’t always the case. Some smaller towns also have great possibilities – you just have to do some research.

Ensure you have good infrastructure in a city you plan to move

How to Decide Where to Live – One of the Factors You Need to Look at Is a Job Market

When figuring out how to decide where to live, the most decisive element in the process are the employment opportunities you can find in the new location. If you’re looking for a job after college or decided to move because you already started finding a job in another state, you know how stressful the whole process can be. However, we are all looking for a better and bigger career, so it is completely reasonable to check the job market before you move.

Luckily, we’re in the digital era, and there are many great job positions that you can do remotely, so the location isn’t your biggest concern. This is why it is very important to do a thorough investigation and explore all the options. Watch the video below and check the best way of finding a job before the move.

Research the Best Neighborhoods in the Area

After deciding what suits you best, next on your list should be picking the right neighborhood. Before you start thinking about making friends in a new city, you should choose the neighborhood where you can find everything you’re looking for. Here are some factors that can ease your search and guide you in the right direction:

  • Decide if you want to reside in a densely populated district or you’re looking for a quiet suburb if you’re relocating with kids,
  • Research the housing market and prices of renting or buying a house there, depending on what you opt for,
  • If you’re relocating with pets, ensure there are enough greenery and parks.

Check the Crime Rates When Choosing a Place to Live

When you’re cross country moving, you can’t avoid packing glasses and taking packing service that professional cross country movers offer if you’re in the last-minute move and can’t do everything on your own. So, once you have everything packed you surely desire to have each box transported safely and that’s why you’ll take the long-distance moving insurance, as well.

You should do the same thing with your future location. Check the safety and crime rates of your future surroundings. The best method is to ask your family and friends if they know, but if not, take advantage of the internet and check on the website CrimeMapping.

Best Schools and Educational Programs

For people with kids, the proximity of good schools would be the essential factor in finding a perfect location for your home. You have to keep in mind that a better location usually means a top-notch school district, and the price of real estate will grow accordingly. Even if you’re not thinking of having kids right now, consider it as an advantage when buying your property.

Among all the cities you have in mind, pick the one that has good proximity to schools

Choosing Where to Live Based on Affordability of the Place

We all aim for comfortable living, and not having a constricted budget for relocation could change a lot of things in this process. However, if this is not your scenario and you’re wondering what’s the cheapest way to ship your car and answering the questions such as how much do long-distance movers cost, it could take a lot of time. Better quality of life should be your goal, so take some of your free moments and think through the cost of living, groceries, housing, utilities, and all the other things you’ll be paying. Count everything in your budget, and it could help you decide.

How Much Money You’ll Need for Buying or Rent and Taxes

No matter if you’re relocating into an apartment or a house, you’ll have to explore the real estate market and check what meets your needs and budget. For those who still can’t decide whether to rent or buy, inspect both areas and take notes. Then you can compare the prices and see what suits you the most.

Plan and count in all the expenses you'll have to pay for living in your new home

How Do I Decide Where to Live – Make Your Own Plan of Things You Want From Your New Place

You probably thought that figuring out the best time of a year to move would be the trickiest part of the whole relocation process, but if you still can’t decide the perfect place for you to start over, then you’ll need a different approach. You can start with creating your framework of wishes and things you aim for from places. That way, you can ensure avoiding the stressful move. Here are some things to think about when making your own framework:

  • Write down what you’re looking from a town,
  • Create a list of your dream places,
  • Add all the good and bad sides to each town,
  • If possible, visit the town and area you wish to move to.
It is time-consuming work, but you have to decide where you'll be living

Additional Tips on How to Pick a Place to Live

Besides the moving to-do list you made that will keep you on track with all the already done tasks and those that still await you, there’s one list left for you to make. If you’re out of ideas and you still haven’t decided the right place for you, take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing pros and cons (if you’re more comfortable with digital and online spreadsheets, it will do the work as well) of the places you can’t decide on. Here are some factors to consider and not neglect:

  • Walkability to grocery shops and markets,
  • Proximity to airport,
  • Good public transport.

If you’re creating your relocation budget and you realize you won’t be able to pay all the expenses in the city you wanted to inhabit in so much, don’t forget some cities will pay you to move there, like Lincoln, Hamilton, Tulsa, Newton, and many others. So, don’t think you’re out of options just because at the moment you can’t afford to inhabit a dwelling in someplace. There is always an option for those willing to explore different possibilities and sail on an adventure.

The final step in the choosing process is to write pros and cons for each city

Trustworthy Long Distance Moving Company Is Essential Step When Changing House

Last but not least important step is to find a reliable relocation company and be sure you avoid moving scams. The most effective way to do this is to ask for a recommendation from your family, friends, and coworkers. You can also go online and check the reviews and comments of satisfied customers. The cross-country moving services you’ll get by hiring efficient and experienced movers means fewer things you have to do and all the service they’ll provide you with. Include the storage unit where you can store all of your items in the first period of the move. If you opt to transport your vehicle, don’t forget to check if the relocation company offers a reliable auto shipping service. The fewer things you have to worry about, the more relaxed you’ll be while you’re searching for your perfect home.

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