Moving Day Preparation in a Last-Minute Move

It’s finally time to purge your entire house, seal the cardboard boxes, and load all of the items into a relocation truck. The excitement and expectation of the relocation process can lead to misplacing or forgetting your belongings. In order to avoid mishaps, follow our moving day preparation guide. We will guide you through the entire process in your last-minute move so that you arrive at your new address without any issues.

Accomplish specific tasks ahead of the move so that everything goes smoothly

When should you start preparing for a move? It is recommended that one start preparing at least two to three months in advance so as to avoid relocation mistakes. Still, it’s a race against the clock in a last-minute move. Everything has to be done much faster. You might not know – should you empty the drawers when moving or how to label your cardboard boxes? Here we will give you advice on how to prepare for the relocation quickly and avoid relocation stress.

Prepare a Relocation To-Do List

The date of the unexpected move is quickly approaching, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the tasks that have to be accomplished. The first essential tip in this situation is not to start panicking. Thinking about how soon you have to move and all the things you have to do won’t do you any good. Instead, write a relocation to-do list. Some may wonder – but is there a checklist for moving? Yes, and it will take only 20 minutes to write down everything you need to do in advance. It will help you be more organized and less likely to forget something to do. What you should definitely write on your relocation to-do list:

  • Hiring long-distance movers,
  • Canceling utilities and changing an address,
  • Obtaining necessary packing supplies,
  • Prepare an essential bag,
  • Pack all of your belongings,
  • Hire a babysitter or a pet sitter,
  • Organize all the essential documents,
  • Clean your house before leaving.

Change Your Address and Take Care of Utilities

First, deal with a task that you are most likely to forget – we recommend canceling all the services in your name and changing the address. In case you forget to take care of utilities in your old home, you get billed for services you didn’t use. The best thing one can do is, contact the providers over the phone and discuss the termination options. Settle any remaining bills in your name and return any company’s equipment in your possession. In the end, you should receive a confirmation of termination.

While dealing with utility providers, think about also changing your address. The process is simple since the only thing you have to do is fill out a form on the Internet and receive a confirmation of the change via email. If you don’t want to do it online, you can opt to go to the post office and change it there, so your mail doesn’t get lost when you move to a new state.

Changing your address is one of the first steps one should take when preparing for the relocation

Hire Last-Minute Movers

The key component of every successful relocation is a reputable long-distance moving company. When relocating last-minute, you might only have time to search the web for available relocation companies near you quickly. We do not recommend selecting a company in this way because you might fall victim to relocation scams.

There is an array of rogue companies who don’t have an office or frequently change their names. Therefore, take all the necessary precautions when choosing your cross-country movers. In order to check if the company is legitimate, you can search for their USDOT number.

Also, another relocation hack for background checking the company is to contact the Better Business Bureau. They will be able to provide you with any complaints and grievances that have been filed against the company and how they resolved them.

Select a Trustworthy Company Faster With an Inventory Checklist

Deciding who to hire when investing in long-distance moving services would go much more effortlessly with an inventory checklist by your side. Make a list of all the belongings that you want to ship to your new destination. The customer service representatives of the relocation company will give you a free quote based on the list, so you will know what to expect. It would be wise to contact at least three different companies and get free estimates. In this way, you will have a chance to ask any questions you might have and compare services and costs with other companies. Then, select the company that can meet all your needs and requirements.

Don’t Forget to Invest in Auto Shipping

It might slip your mind that your vehicle has to be transported to the new destination, too. If you want to move safely and not worry about potential accidents, leave your car under the care of professional long-distance drivers. Upon contacting the customer support agents, request auto shipping services, too. This will make your move less stressful and tiring since the drivers can arrive at your address, pick up the vehicle and transport it directly to the new destination. All you have to do before the professional drivers arrive is to disable the alarm, clean the vehicle, take out all the documents as well as valuables, and hand over the keys.

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Start Packing Your Home at Least Two Weeks in Advance

In case you are relocating for the first time ever, packing might seem like a daunting task, but you shouldn’t worry at all. Since you have to box up your entire home in a short period of time, it would be best to start immediately. We recommend that you make use of packing tips so as to speed up the process.

What you can do is pack the items of clothing as they are, without washing or folding them. You can leave certain pieces on the hangers and put them in garbage bags which can then go directly into a cardboard box. People usually wonder – do you need to remove clothes from dressers for movers? We recommend that you try to empty the dressers so the crew can easily load the dresser into the truck.

Kitchen items can be organized into bundles. Cups, mugs, and small plates can be placed inside bigger pots and pans to save space. Also, don’t forget to use a bit of cushioning material like packing paper that you can get from the Craigslist website when packing your dishes. You don’t want to risk any of the plates or glasses smashing in transit.

Get enough cardboard boxes for your things. Don’t forget to buy labels and markers so you know where you put certain items when you move to a new home.

Box up your entire home quickly using packing tips and tricks

It Would Be Best to Pack an Essentials Bag

An important relocation tip is to prepare an essentials bag. You will want to have in your bag everything necessary for 24 hours before and after the relocation begins. Some of these necessary things are easy-to-carry meals, wallets, keys, phone chargers, important documents, medicine, clean clothes, bottles of water, toiletries, disinfectant wipes, and toys if you are relocating with children. The bag should be with you throughout the whole relocation, so make sure that the relocation crew doesn’t load it into the truck. Also, you won’t have to rummage through any boxes if you need something urgently with all of your relocation essentials right by your side.

What Should You Not Pack When Moving?

As a safety measure, companies have rules and regulations that prevent them from shipping anything and everything. This is why you should know what not to pack when relocating. Therefore, here is a list of some things movers won’t move and that you shouldn’t place in cardboard boxes:

  • Car batteries,
  • Jewelry,
  • Relocation documents,
  • Household cleaners,
  • Lighter fluid,
  • Nail remover and nail polish,
  • Fertilizer and weed killer,
  • Matches,
  • Charcoal,
  • Acid.

Here is a video on how to properly and quickly organize the packing process.

Tips for Preparing for Moving Day

Don’t get disorganized and overwhelmed just before the relocation. The anticipation of the movers’ arrival and finally leaving your home may stir some emotions and lead to chaos. For instance, one might scatter all of the cardboard containers around the house, forget to hire someone to look after the kids, and misplace some of the belongings. We are here to give you advice on what you should not forget to do ahead of the relocation if you want your move to be successful. So, let’s see.

Take A Picture of All Your Belongings

It’s of utmost importance to ensure that all of your belongings arrive safe and sound at your new location. However, if accidents occur on the road, it would be beneficial to have photographs of the belongings in order to assess whether anything got scratched and damaged. With pictures, you will have proof that your belongings were in perfect condition before the move. Also another perk of having pictures is that it will take you less time to assemble furniture or connect the right cables to the TV.

Clear the Path For the Workers Inside the House

When the relocation crew arrives at your house, they will start putting protective materials all over the home and loading the relocation truck. They will likely have to use additional equipment like a four-wheel dolly to move bulky furniture. In order for the process to go smoothly, they need a clear path. Therefore, try placing all of your cardboard containers in one room and make sure that there isn’t anything left on the staircase, too. Evaluate which path they will likely use the most and make sure there isn’t anything getting in the way.

Make it easier for the crew to work by clearing a path in your house

Prepare Tips for the Movers and Refreshing Drinks

It is customary to show gratitude and appreciation to the relocation crew after they finish the job. So, think about leaving some cash for the end to tip your relocation crew. In this way, you will say “thank you” for the work done. It would be best to tip the crew at an hourly rate of 4 to 5 dollars.

Additionally, preparing drinks like fresh juices, bottled water, or some fizzy drink will go a long way. You will not only show gratitude for the services but also ensure that the crew can take a break, rest, and later continue loading the truck.

Hire a Pet Sitter or a Babysitter for Relocation Day

Children can get easily bored and fussy during the relocation. They might lose patience and start playing and running through the house, which might distract you. Also, pets might be difficult to handle if they start running around and getting in the way. This is why you should opt for a babysitter or a pet sitter. First, try asking family members and friends to babysit your kids or hire someone if no one is available.

Hire someone to look after your children while the relocation crew is in your home

What to Expect on Moving Day?

So, what is the first thing to do on a moving day? If you want to protect your belongings and make sure that the crew properly takes care of your cardboard containers, you should follow our tips on what you should do:

  • First, wake up early – give yourself enough time to evaluate if everything is in order before the crew arrives,
  • Check every room of the house for forgotten items,
  • Clean and polish any dirty surfaces,
  • Box up the last items that you own,
  • When the crew comes, guide them through the house,
  • Try to stay out of movers’ way,
  • Double-check the inventory list to know if you packed everything.

With This Moving Day Preparation Guide, Your Move Will Be Stress-Free

You might be thinking that it is almost impossible to prepare appropriately for a last-minute move, but that is far from the truth. With a good tactic and organization, you can accomplish all the tasks and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Start with a relocation checklist and remember to background-check your relocation company. Don’t forget to prepare your house for the movers’ arrival. If you follow our guide carefully, there won’t be any need for anxiety about your relocation.

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