The Essential Guide to Moving to Orlando, FL – Tips for a Smooth Relocation

Posted Moving Essentials / November 22, 2023
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Moving to Orlando promises new beginnings in an area bustling with life and opportunities. Our comprehensive guide is designed to navigate you through the essentials of cross-country moving, ensuring a smooth and well-prepared process. With us guiding your way, you’ll be able to find the right neighborhood and settle into the Floridian lifestyle with ease.

Why Do People Relocate to Orlando?

Many are drawn to this city due to its thriving job market, bolstered by a robust tourism industry and a growing tech sector. Its allure also lies in its year-round warm climate and diverse cultural attractions. The promise of exciting adventures lies behind every corner, thanks to its world-renowned theme parks and entertainment options.

Education is another draw, with Orlando boasting some of Florida’s top-rated schools and universities. The quality of life is elevated by the abundance of green spaces, community events, and a cost of living that’s reasonable compared to other major cities. All these factors create a compelling case for individuals and families to relocate here.


How Many People Move to Orlando Every Day?

Orlando is recognized as the 23rd largest metro hub in the United States, with a bustling population that exceeds two million. The city’s rapid expansion is evident, with exceptional neighborhoods emerging to accommodate its growth.

The US Census reports that roughly 138 individuals choose this city as their new home each day. As a premier tourist destination, it attracts more than 70 million visitors annually, underscoring its appeal as a good place to visit and reside.

Create a Pre-Move Checklist

When it comes to organizing and planning your relocation, crafting a moving to another state checklist is a crucial step. Begin by cataloging all the things you need to consider and accomplish before the relocation truck arrives. By keeping all the tasks in one place, you’ll ensure everything is in order for a smooth and easy transition.

Set a Timeline for a Stress-Free Relocation Process

To avoid the crunch of a last-minute relocation, setting a timeline is key. Start planning at least two months in advance. Allocate weeks for major tasks like hiring movers and sorting household goods.

Build in buffer time for unexpected delays, and aim to have everything packed a few days before your moving day. A structured timeline will transform relocation chaos into a manageable, stress-free process.

Essentials for Your Moving Inventory

When it comes to your household inventory, try to prioritize items that you’ll need immediately upon arrival first. Get the bag with relocation essentials ready and set it aside from the rest of your crates. This bag should include important documents, medications, a change of clothes, essential electronics, and chargers.

More importantly, remember to categorize your belongings by room and label boxes as you go for an easy unpacking process. Keeping a detailed inventory will also be invaluable for insurance purposes if accidents occur during transit, as your possessions will be accounted for.

Downsize and Declutter Before Packing Your Possessions

Decluttering and downsizing for a move are about more than just packing less stuff. It’s about paving the way for a fresh beginning with items that add value to your everyday life.

Start by sorting through your belongings. Categorizing them into piles of what to keep, sell, donate, and discard will make your boxing-up process more efficient. Also, keep in mind that Orlando’s climate might not require all of your current wardrobe or items, so select what to bring accordingly.

Organize a Garage or Online Sale

After downsizing, you can organize a garage sale for items that didn’t make a cut. Set up your sale with clear pricing and organize items neatly to attract buyers. Use social media and community boards to advertise your sale for maximum reach.

For items that are better suited to sell online, take clear photos and list them on popular marketplaces with detailed descriptions and reasonable prices. This is a straightforward way to reduce your load and help you offset some of your moving expenses, making it a win-win situation.

Choose the Right White Glove Moving Company Before Moving to Orlando

Selecting the right company is crucial for a hassle-free transition. Begin by researching and evaluating various firms, paying special attention to those that offer comprehensive white glove moving services in Orlando. Check reviews, compare offered quotes, and inquire about any questions you have. Ensure that the company you choose has a track record of reliability and excellence.

It’s also important to understand the insurance options and valuation coverage available to you. Protecting your possessions against potential damage during the move is vital. Verify whether their coverage options align with the value of your items, and consider purchasing additional insurance if necessary to cover any gaps.

Book More Than One White Glove Moving Service in Orlando for a Streamlined Relocation Experience

When orchestrating your long-distance moving journey, booking multiple services in advance can streamline the entire process. From professional packing services to specialized auto shipping for your vehicle, coordinating these options will ensure a synchronized relocation experience.

Consider securing white glove movers from Orlando for the heavy lifting, assembly, and reassembly of your furniture. You can even book storage services if you’re not sure that everything you are relocating will fit into your future space.

Look Into the Cost of Living and Create a Budget Accordingly

Understanding the cost of living is critical for a well-planned relocation budget. By researching expenses, you can create a financial plan that considers the economic landscape of your new city. This foresight allows you to allocate funds efficiently, ensuring you cover all bases, from relocation costs to post-move necessities. Here’s a table with some general expenses:

Category Costs
Housing $385,000 (median sale price)
Groceries $400 (average monthly grocery bill)
Basic Utilities $170
Transportation $50 for a monthly pass

Find a New Home Before the Move

Dive into the housing market early to identify your ideal residence, whether it’s a downtown apartment or a suburban house. Utilize online resources and local real estate agents to pinpoint a place that meets your needs and budget. This proactive approach not only provides peace of mind but also allows you to focus on other aspects of your relocation, knowing your living situation is already in place.

Explore the Best Neighborhoods for Raising a Family, Young Professionals, and Retirees

With 115 neighborhoods within the city limits and numerous unincorporated communities, it offers a diverse array of locales to call home. Explore our guide to find the best fit for your family, career ambitions, or golden years. Here are some of the areas you should consider:

  • Baldwin Park – Baldwin Park is an energetic, family-friendly community offering a rich blend of activities and lifestyle options. A stone’s throw from downtown, this is the perfect neighborhood for raising families, blending city vibes with suburban living. With a variety of homes and excellent schools, it’s also a festive hub with events like Kidtoberfest and top-notch trick-or-treating. Embrace outdoor fun at Lake Baldwin Park or catch a game and grab a bite at Gator’s Dockside.
  • The Central Business District – Orlando’s bustling downtown hub, characterized by high-rise apartments and modern office buildings. This area is a hotspot for young professionals seeking opportunities in tech, retail, and startups, all within a vibrant nightlife and urban atmosphere.
  • Belle Isle – a serene retirement spot that offers waterfront living in Orange County’s Chain of Lakes. This area combines rural charm with proximity to urban amenities, featuring ranch and Mediterranean-style homes along Lake Conway. It’s a place where retirees enjoy leisurely lakeside strolls and convenient healthcare access, with Select Specialty Hospital and Orlando International Airport nearby.

Looking for Employment Before or After Relocation

Job security is a vital aspect of relocating, and it’s often advisable to start your employment search beforehand. Moving to Orlando without a job can be overwhelming, but it’s not uncommon. If you’re relocating without employment, ensure you have a financial cushion to support you while you search.

Take advantage of Orlando’s robust job market by networking, attending local fairs, and tapping into online portals. It’s also beneficial to connect with local recruitment agencies that specialize in your field of expertise. If you’re in a position to do so, relocating first can provide the advantage of being immediately available for interviews and can demonstrate commitment to potential employers.

Top Five Biggest Employers in Orlando

Orlando’s economy is thriving with diverse job opportunities. These employers provide a snapshot of the economic landscape, promising a varied job market for those looking to settle here:

  • Walt Disney World Resort – not just a magical kingdom, but also a major employment hub offering roles from hospitality to management.
  • Universal Resort – another entertainment giant, employs thousands in various positions across its theme parks and resorts.
  • AdventHealth – part of a large healthcare network that offers a range of healthcare and administrative jobs.
  • Orlando Health – another comprehensive healthcare provider and a significant employer in the medical and professional fields.
  • The University of Central Florida – one of the largest universities in the country, employs educators, researchers, and administrative staff.

Bring Your Car to Orlando, but Explore Other Means of Transportation as Well

Bringing your car offers the freedom to explore the city and its surroundings at your own pace. This can be particularly useful given the spread-out nature of the area and the hot climate that can make walking uncomfortable. However, it’s also worth exploring public transportation options.

The city’s bus system, operated by LYNX, covers a broad area and is continuously improving, with SunRail providing commuter train services connecting outlying suburbs to the downtown core. Although the public transit network is expanding, it’s still limited compared to larger metropolitan areas. So, having your own vehicle can be beneficial for comprehensive access to all Orlando has to offer.

Update Your Address and Transfer the Utilities in Advance

It’s crucial to update your address and arrange for utilities to be transferred before you relocate to ensure a seamless transition. Begin by notifying the post office, your bank, and other important institutions of your address change to maintain the flow of mail and services. Contact utility providers to schedule the transfer of services like electricity, water, gas, and internet to your future home as well.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration

In Florida, new residents are required to obtain a Florida driver’s license and register their vehicle within 30 days of establishing residency. Make an appointment with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to avoid long wait times. This not only ensures you’re following state laws but also helps solidify your new residency, allowing you to fully embrace your new community.

Are You Ready for Your Move to The City Beautiful

Embracing change comes with its blend of thrills and jitters, yet with the right help, it’s a smooth sail. At Kerb Movers, our expertise in navigating the intricacies of both local and long-distance moves sets us apart from the competition.

With our seasoned professionals in charge, rest assured that your valuables are in safe hands and protected against the challenges of transit. Reach out to us now for a worry-free relocation to your new destination. Let’s make your transition to this enchanting city as seamless as possible.

Why Are People Moving to Orlando From NYC?

People are relocating from NYC for a variety of reasons, including the pursuit of a more relaxed lifestyle, affordable housing, and an attractive climate. The absence of a state income tax in Florida also presents a significant financial incentive.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Move to Orlando?

The optimal time for a relocation is typically during the late fall through winter, avoiding the tourist peak season and the summer heat, which makes the moving process more comfortable.

How Long in Advance Should I Book Long-Distance Movers in Orlando?

For long-distance relocation arrangements, it’s recommended to book at least two to three months in advance. This is especially important if you’re planning to relocate during the busy season to ensure availability and potentially better rates.

How Do I Find the Best Schools for My Children in Orlando?

Finding top-rated schools for your children involves researching school district rankings, visiting potential schools, and considering community feedback. All this info can be found on various education review websites and forums.

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