Top 5 Best Cities for Education in the US

Posted Housing and Apartments / October 22, 2021
Amelia Mead

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The US has an astounding array of educational institutions that provide both knowledge opportunities, lucrative career options, and one-of-a-kind learning life experiences. Yet, with so many great options, it can be hard to choose among the best cities for education in America. So, to help you start your learning journey right, we’ve compiled all the relevant data on the topic right here. To learn more about all levels of education in the country, keep on reading.

What Are the Best Cities for Education You Might Consider Moving to This Year?

Which city is No. 1 in education? What US city has the best public schools? Education is important for any US citizen who wants to broaden their horizons and start their career right. However, since tuition and other educational fees can easily send multiple generations into loans and debt, it’s crucial to play your cards right and choose an educational institution you’ll study at wisely. Sometimes, this decision might lead to hiring long distance moving services and switching up your address.

After all, since you want to make sure you end up in a lucrative job position and easily pay off any bill that comes your way, a move to another state is often a very wise step to take. However, knowing which city has the best education system and where you should move to kick-start your career isn’t always easy. So, to help you avoid moving mistakes and choose your next home wisely, we’ve created a list answering all your questions regarding US education – and that includes both primary and higher education. Here are the places you’ll get a chance to view through this article:

  • San Diego, CA,
  • Boston, MA,
  • New York City, NY,
  • Los Angeles, CA,
  • Chicago, IL.

#1 San Diego Has the Finest Schools and the Most Beautiful Beaches Too

It seems that many people with young children choose to change their address to a San Diego one when their kids are little. And it’s no wonder they do, as many name the quality education of their children as their primary reason to move. Given that San Diego County has the highest concentration of the top-rated public institutions in Cali, it is a Mecca for all those striving to provide their kids with the maximum opportunities. Here, you’ll be able to choose among 764 public schools and make sure your kids become one of the 503,906 pupils who will get impeccable knowledge and get it for free.

People Who Start Their Primary Education in America’s Finest City, Often Decide to Study at One of Its Universities

The problem with America’s Finest City is that once you get here, you may never want to leave. And why would you want to: it’s a laid-back city right on the coastline of the Pacific with perfect weather. Here, anyone can enjoy the 70 miles of one-of-a-kind beaches or obtain knowledge in informal ways at renowned attractions like the SD Zoo and SeaWorld.

Not to mention here you’ll find some of the highest-ranked Unis in the world. One of these is the University of California San Diego, which in 2021 ranks as the 8th public uni in the country, 22th among all US Unis, and has 34th place in the global rankings. So, if you are looking for the finest world-class institution to obtain your degree, as well as a killer suntan, look no further than the USA’s finest city for it.

#2 Many Consider Boston to Be the Athens of America

Do you feel like it’s time to take our ”where should I move” quiz? Well, if you want to benefit from moving primarily through obtaining a fresh diploma, you shouldn’t look further than Boston to do so. And why would you, when it is known as one of the worldly intellectual capitals and is even compared to the cradle of Western Civilization – Athens. So, all the future Socrates, Platos, and Aristotels getting ready to pack for college should know that they are on the greatest path possible if they decide to move to a new home in Boston.

Moving to Boston Is a Great Way to Start Your Professional Journey

Next to being one of the places with the ultimate public transportation, Boston is also considered to be among the cities with the best public schools. Actually, on account of the safety and quality of their public school system, Boston holds first place in the country. Other than being a great place for primary education, statistics show that an international student body of around 50,000 people decides to move here annually for higher education as well.

Northeastern University, MIT, Harvard, and Simmons are just some of the household names of world-class Unis you’ve surely heard of. And if you grow fond of Boston’s cobbled streets, red-bricked houses, and European charm, you might decide to continue your career here. You won’t even have to deal with the question of how to get a job before moving to another state because, judging by the city’s high employment rate, you won’t have a problem finding a position in any line of work.

#3 New York Has an Array of Top-Notch Institutions to Choose From

Did you know that there are about 1,094,138 students in the NYC school system? Out of that, about 594,000 are college students attending one of the 110 universities and colleges in NYC. So, if you are looking to move to a new state for quality education, and not to mention diversity and cultural options, you should look no further than the Big Apple. Because not only is NYC the country’s most populous city, but next to LA, it has the largest student population in the country as well.

Anyone Interested in Scientific Research Should Consider Starting Their Academic Journey in the Big Apple

If you are looking for a metropolitan city to start your academic journey in, relocating to NYC is surely one of the wisest choices you can make. Not only is it home to the most renowned and elite private universities in the country, such as Columbia, NYU, Barnard College, and Cornell University, but it’s also a global center for scientific studies and research. While the city excels in cultural and social studies as well, it tops the list when it comes to studying life sciences, medicine and biomedicine especially.

Don’t think for a second that you won’t be able to move efficiently to this place if you wish to attend a public institution for higher education. On the contrary, you might want to attend the nation’s third-largest public university system, which is provided by the City University of New York, or for that matter, the Fashion Institute of Technology, which is a part of the SUNY system. Additionally, you’ll be able to make friends with many people of various cultural backgrounds. Actually, there are around a quarter-million people who came to NYC as international students, looking to make friends in a different state. So, you can expect to expand your horizons not only through your studies but connections as well – and expect to make some long-standing long-distance friendships as well.

#4 Los Angeles Unified School District Is the Second Largest System in the USA When It Comes to the Number of Students

The City of Angels is no joke when it comes to education, and in comparison to others, it can be considered as one of the cities with the best school systems in the US. So, don’t think that just because of its reputation as the entertainment capital, you won’t be able to receive a worthy diploma here. Although the LA Unified School District is topped in the number of students only by NYC, it is still most known for its stellar higher education institutions.

Besides the Beautiful Beaches and Mountains, LA Is Known for Its Prestigious Universities

Other than being a center of cultural production, LA is most known for two other things: nature and education. And it’s not a bad mix to have the option to go hiking or swimming after a hard day of studying at one of the most prestigious universities not only in the country but globally too.

All those tech buffs who’ll spend a considerable portion of planning their move on figuring out how to pack their numerous electronics might consider spending their next four year at Caltech – California institute of technology, that ranks 6th in the world uni rankings. Another world-renowned institution aspiring academics might look into is UCLA – Uni of California, Los Angeles, which is the 15th institution per Times Higher Education World University Rankings. At UCLA, you’ll be able to study anything from management to life sciences and law, all under one roof and at the hands of the most professional experts.

#5 Chicago Has a Stellar Ranking on Multiple Educational Fronts

Chicago is the third-largest school district in the US, topped only by LA and NYC’s districts, with 340,658 pupils placing their books in the lockers every day. The system, to be exact, encompasses over 638 schools, of which 476 are elementary and 162 are high schools. When it comes to higher education, there are seven public Chi colleges with seven satellite campuses through which over a million students passed in the last century.

Additionally, there are three public Chi Unis, all part of the Illinois State University system. The largest of the three is the Uni of Illinois at Chicago, which is ranked as the 6th most prestigious institution in the USA and the 9th worldwide. And you’ve surely heard of Northwestern that doesn’t lag much behind, with its position as the 24th rated global uni and the 9th in the nation.

After Obtaining Their Degree, the Windy City’s Former Students Don’t Stay Unemployed for Long

Chicago is a great place for anyone moving for the first time. Not only are there so many options when it comes to enjoying the culture and social outings, but this friendly city is great for anyone moving without a job. And the number of Chi graduates finding a job after college proves that, with a good education, you won’t have a problem getting a new job in the city since Chicago truly has an outstanding reputation with graduate employers. Firms like Help At Home, Optiver, IMC Trading are just some of the businesses that make Chicago one of the ultimate places for young professionals to kick-start their careers. To learn more about the life and education in Chicago, check out the following video:

YouTube video

Long Distance Movers Will Make the Relocation to Any of the Cities With the Best Schools a Piece of Cake

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