All There Is to Know About Moving Labels for Boxes

Posted Moving Tips&Tricks / April 11, 2022
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Moving labels for boxes are quite important for a cross-country relocation. When you arrive at your new place of residence, there will be at least a dozen containers that will have to be unpacked. At that moment, some order will speed up the process of arranging a lot. To many people, this may seem trivial at first, but a good organization is a key to a smooth relocation, and such a small matter can boost efficiency a lot.

Moving Labels for Boxes Are Extremely Important for Packing and Shipping

Packing labels for moving boxes tend to be overlooked when relocating to a new state, and this relocation mistake can create a lot of confusion when you begin unpacking after the move. Of course, it depends on the number of items. Some people move just the essentials, but usually, there will be at least a dozen containers packed.

You will certainly want to move efficiently, and stickers can make a big difference here. There are various ways through which you can mark your containers, and each of them can boost

efficiency significantly. We will examine these methods of labeling in the following article. Hopefully, it will be helpful, and we advise everyone who is relocating out for the first time to take this matter into consideration.


First, You Have to Have Information on Where to Find These Relocating Products

Before actual relocation can start, you have to get the right relocating materials and equipment. The relocating supplies have to be at the top of your relocating to another state checklist. When it comes to labels, few things are required. Nonetheless, you have to know what is needed:

  • Stickers are, of course, the first thing that you should start looking for. You do not necessarily need to purchase them, and we will explain different possibilities later in the text.
  • Permanent markers are the second thing that you will require. It is best to buy high-quality waterproof markers that will not be affected by weather and storage conditions.
  • Plastic tape and scissors.

Finally, we understand that relocation is costly, and it is always best to find ways to save money when going to another state. However, we have to state that saving money on relocating supplies is never a sensible choice to make. You will want to ensure that your items are secured for transportation and storage, and that is exactly the purpose of relocating supplies. This will not have a huge impact on your savings.

Moving Labels for Boxes Are Printable and Do Not Have to Be Purchased

Stickers do not necessarily have to be on your relocation expenses checklist. Let us see the ways of getting them:

  • If you have a printer at home, then the only thing is to find a free template on the internet. There are numerous free templates available, so finding the most suitable sticker will not be a problem at all.
  • Stickers are available in any store that sells office supplies. Such stores are convenient as you will be able to get high-quality markers and plastic tape as well.
  • Finally, if you have chosen to use professional long-distance moving services, there will be nothing to worry about. Long-distance movers provide everything that is needed, which is extremely convenient as all necessary equipment will be provided by them.

You Can Label Containers in Different Ways

As mentioned above, we will look into different methods of marking. They are all equally convenient, and it is up to you to decide what suits you the best. Here are the most popular methods:

  • Color coding – This is one of the most popular and frequently used methods when relocating to a new home. This labeling system is usually accompanied by the room-by-room method. Basically, you will pick a color for each room and pack and label your containers accordingly. So, for example, you can pick a green color for your bedroom, which means that all containers with your bedroom items will be labeled with a green sticker. However, you will also have to go to your new home and label each room with the color that you have chosen. In this way, movers will automatically know which box goes where.
  • Room-by-room – You pretty much got the idea from the method above what you are supposed to do. Here, you will just have to label everything with the name of the rooms.
  • Priority labeling – This method again combines several concepts. It can combine, for example, the two above. You may want some containers to be loaded last in order that they can be unloaded first. This is useful if you are relocating with kids, for instance. You will want to make them feel comfortable as quickly as possible, as children can experience high levels of relocation anxiety. The same applies when relocating with pets. So, basically, you can choose a color, let us say red, and write on each red sticker “To be packed last” or “High Priority.” In this way, you will precisely know what the packing order is.
  • Using numbers – When making your new apartment checklist, you can place a number before each item. So, for example, for bedroom possessions, put number four. Accordingly, all containers that will be packed with bedroom items will have a sticker with a number four written on it. However, if you are going to use cross-country moving services, it is best to add the name of the room beneath the number.
  • Labeling by the type of items – This method can involve all that have been mentioned. The issue is that such a system of packing can easily become disorganized. For example, you can choose to place a coffee machine with a hairdryer since they are both electric devices. But, this is not a good thing to do. However, this system can be quite useful when preparing clothes for transportation. For example, you can place all your winter clothes in a few containers and label them with a blue sticker and “Low Priority” sign if you are not relocating during winter.

When Hiring Cross-Country Movers, You Will Not Have to Label a Single Sticker

Preparing your home possessions for transport is by no means an easy procedure. Relocation itself is stressful, and small details like labeling containers can often turn out to be difficult tasks. However, you can bypass these issues by hiring a long-distance moving company.

Professional movers are equipped with electronic labelers that use barcodes. You will just need to provide them with an inventory list of objects that you intend to relocate. Containers will be packed and adequately marked. Therefore, you could potentially save a lot of time and focus on other relocation issues like how to organize important documents.

“Fragile” Is the Most Important Sticker That You Must Use Where Needed

Out of all box labels for moving, “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” are the two most important ones. When preparing glasses for shipping, or any other fragile items for that matter, the box has to have one of these two stickers. It does not matter what method you are using for labeling – “Fragile” should always be placed where needed.

This makes a huge difference. Remember that your possessions will have to pass through various stages of relocation. In general, there are loading, transporting, and unloading, and people tend to get a bit careless with containers, especially if they had to lift heavy pieces of furniture before that. The sticker “Fragile” will raise awareness, and people will treat the box with more care. Also, take into consideration that you will maybe have to take storage services. You will certainly not want a heavy box to be placed on top of your fragile glasses.

Always Put a Unique Label on Your Box of Essentials

First of all, one of the most useful long-distance relocating tips is to prepare a container with essentials. This means that you will place in a container bed linen, clothes, hygiene supplies, and kitchenware for a few days until everything has been unpacked. Naturally, you will want this box to be unloaded first.

You can use any of the methods listed above, but state clearly that the container with essentials should be unloaded first. Therefore, take a flashy green sticker, for example, and write with huge letters “to be unloaded first!”. Do not forget about others if you are relocating with a family. Then, a couple of containers with essentials will have to be packed. Here is a useful video on what should be packed in your crates of essentials.

YouTube video

Once You Have Arrived, Unpack Everything According to the Labeling System That You Used

There is no reason to start changing the order of unpacking once you have arrived at your new home. This only has the potential to cause confusion and waste precious time. Therefore, take out the containers with essentials first, and then start unpacking according to the labeling system. Of course, unforeseen events can always happen, and in that case, one has to adapt, but generally, it is best to follow the established order.

Here Are Some Additional Tips That You Should Definitely Consider

When changing your home address, relocation hacks such as these can prove to be quite helpful. Let us see what can be done to make this process of transportation even easier and safer:

  • Ideally, each container should be labeled on each side and on top. That is especially important if the crate contains fragile objects.
  • Stickers are usually covered with glue on one side, at least partially, so theoretically, you do not require anything else. However, it is always best to reinforce them with plastic tape. They can easily fall off, especially the ones bought in the local office supplies stores.
  • If you are using free second-hand boxes for relocation, the chances that they will have old labels on them are high. They have to be removed before any new ones are placed. This can create a lot of confusion during loading.
  • In case you really have to save money, there is the possibility of replacing conventional labels with post-it notes. They come in all colors. However, you will have to fix them with a lot of tape since the post-it notes are not made for such purposes.

Details Like These Make the Relocation Process Much Easier

As you can see, even for simple tasks like placing a sticker on a crate, various things need to be taken into consideration. It may seem unimportant at first to do this, but these blogs are based on past experiences, and labeling clearly plays an important role in the relocation process. Hopefully, this blog has provided all the needed information about this issue. However, always remember that professional relocation services are available, and definitely consider hiring them if you have the means.

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