Pros and Cons of Moving to Another State Alone

When moving to another state alone, this decision can evoke different feelings. If you are relocating to a cosmopolitan city with a population twice that of your home state, you’ll be thrilled. Still, if you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle of the current metropolis, relocation to a charming small town might be your best bet.

Whether you’re moving for love or looking for the best way to get a job in a new city, there’s one thing you should know ahead – you are relocating by yourself. That’s why you should learn how to move to another state alone, how to make friends in a new city, or how to relocate a piano and find free moving boxes. Keep in mind that good research about your prospective place is a crucial thing to facilitate moving stress. This step is important to prevent asking yourself what to do when moving to another state and feeling too lonely. Of course, getting to know your future place is just one task in a sea of many others that should be performed. So, you have to be prepared for a lot of work – from creating a moving to-do list, choosing the best time of the year to move, thinking about things you need for your first apartment, to throwing a moving away party. Fortunately, all these can be done with your friends’ help. Just keep in mind that they are beside you now and who knows when will be again. So make sure to maintain your long-distance friendships – it can help you overcome possible relocation depression at the beginning of your life in another country.

All in all, you are probably wondering: Is it a good idea to move out of state? Put simply, if your reasons for relocation are strong and defined, you shouldn’t be worried about your prospective life. Moving cross country is unique experience and requires your flexibility, patience, and great positive energy in order to perform a stress-free relocation. Luckily, with our handy moving tips and hacks, you’ll be able to find out the best way to move to another state and avoid some common mistakes people usually make when moving to a small town or metropolis.      


Things to Know Before Moving to Another State Alone

When moving long-distance, there are plenty of dilemmas and questions running through your head. Some of them are finding the cheapest way to move out of state,  gathering what you need to rent an apartment, learning how to move a car to another state, or how to get a job in another state before moving there. So, your cross country relocation will be a challenging process, you can bet. And because you’re moving by yourself, it might seem undoable. But, don’t worry, that’s only at first glance. If you follow our words of advice on what to do before a move and after settling down, you won’t be tempted to wonder “should I move back home.” Here are some essential issues to consider when you are planning to move to a new state alone:

  • Do your research about the housing market and prices of real estates,
  • Determine your future cost of living and don’t forget some miscellaneous expenses (gym, theater, cinema, restaurant, and alike,)
  • Don’t forget about healthcare services,
  • Research the job market if you don’t already have employment secured,
  • If you want to continue your educational process, pick a state and place with a reputable schooling,
  • Believe it or not, but the weather is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your prospective destination – so research average seasonal temperatures and prepare for possible changes in weather,
  • Find as much as possible facts about locals to get a clear picture of people with similar interests. This can be an excellent preliminary step in making friends.
Learn as much as possible about your prospective place

Tips for Moving Out of State Alone

In addition to careful research about your prospective places, there are some useful tips you should be familiar with in order to mitigate your relocation. When thinking about how to move out of state alone, you should create a plan and stick to it. First things first, make your moving expenses checklist to track your moving budget. Also, don’t forget to hire a reliable cross country moving company. This is a critical step if you want to avoid moving scams and ensure your move goes smoothly. Of course, packing materials for relocation are essentials you should think about beforehand and obtain as soon as possible.

These are just some of the many tasks that should be done before your moving date. Let’s find out what else you should pay attention to and provide your own peace of mind.

Find Out How Much Does It Cost to Relocate to Another State

How to move to another state by yourself can be really challenging, as we’ve already seen, especially when it comes to relocation expenses. Price of moving state to state is based on a few key factors:

  • Size of the move – the bigger the relocation, the more expensive it will be,
  • Distance – long-distance moves cost more than local ones,
  • Route – some destinations are common, but some can be quite rare,
  • Transportation method – shipping by sea will be the cheapest option, while shipping by air is always the most expensive,
  • Packing and unpacking costs – you can pack all your belongings DIY, but sometimes it’s better to leave this job to professional packers, especially if you need to pack fragile items,
  • Moving insurance costs – some long-distance moving companies include insurance in their quoted prices, but not all. So, it’s very important to check with your movers what their insurance covers before a trip,
  • Storage costs – if you need to look for a place to live in your new state, your goods should be somewhere stored in the meanwhile. So, check with your movers what storage services they offer and at what price,
  • Other costs include taxes, customs duty charges, visa fees, lawyer fees, housing costs, and more.

Dealing with each factor by yourself can be quite frustrating. A cross-country move requires a lot of patience, time, and money, so you should weigh the pros and cons of performing these tasks DIY or leaving them to a trustworthy and experienced long-distance moving company. They will do all instead of you in a short time window making your life much easier. Just be sure to pick reliable movers who will meet all your requirements.

Hire a Moving Company When Relocating to a New City

Keep in mind if this relocation means counting only on yourself in terms of packing, storing, and transporting, then a long-distance removal company is a smart choice. Try to choose the affordable movers and skillful at once. They can save your nerves, money, and carry out your relocation smoothly.

Make Sure to Organize Important Documents Before Moving

If you need some of the best tips for moving out of state, we’ll recommend you this one – prepare your financial and medical records on time. If your paperwork is just a bunch of unsorted papers, organize them properly. Save important ones, and toss those you don’t need anymore. It’s also recommended to make copies of the most important documents and store them on your laptop or phone.

Research Your New City, Read Everything You Can About It, and Find a Good Neighborhood

Needless to say, good research related to your new place is of great importance. You should research not only spots to eat and local city events but things to do as well. Pay attention to some of the best cities for young professionals, particularly if you’re planning to advance your career. For that reason, having a broader insight into the place where you’ll be living is essential in making your relocation less isolating and nerve-racking.

Being in a good neighborhood may provide your lifestyle pleasant and enjoyable. Make sure to research employment opportunities and educational options in order to grow professionally. Don’t forget about the crime rates – if it’s low, it will provide you with a sense of security. Also, friendly neighbors are one of the most important factors when moving away from friends.

The Best Way to Feel Cozy in Your Future Home – Order New Items Ahead, Arrange Space Trending and to Your Liking

When relocating to another state, you’ll probably want to know how to move out for the first time, especially if you are relocating from an apartment to a house. Maybe you don’t want to move your furniture, because it will cost you more than buying new items. So, a good option might be to donate your current furniture and purchase necessary things in your new state. For that reason, you should think about making orders for your future house beforehand – buy online and downsize your possessions. Make sure to bring your precious keepsakes and favorite tidbits – they can help you feel cozy and secure in your new place.

Research and organize and you will easily learn how to overcome different obstacles

Advantages of Moving to a New State Alone

Every beginning is difficult. If you’re moving to college or going across the border due to a military move, keep in mind that every change is an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons and overcome some barriers you’ve always had. So, let’s find out what are the benefits of relocating interstate alone:

  • Traveling opportunities,
  • Discovering different things and learning all the time about people, culture, and habits,
  • Relocation makes you stronger,
  • You’ll have plenty of chances to meet new buddies.
Another state brings you a lot of possibilities to meet new buddies

Moving to Another City Is Usually Stressful, But if You Make the Right Step at the Right Time, Everything Is Doable

Relocating to an unknown and fresh start usually create some preconceptions. Others will tell you you shouldn’t do it and think twice about your intention. The truth is strange things generally frighten people, and not everyone is ready to take such a significant step forward and immerse themselves in the unknown. Still, some of their concerns are not entirely irrational, and it’s good to be aware of them:

  • Relocation depression and anxiety are common among newbies,
  • Culture shock,
  • Homesickness.

When it comes to relocating to an unknown place, know that you are not the only one that experiences different kinds of emotions. If you want to know what kind of stuff a person can go through when they move, check out the video below.

How Do I Cope With Moving to Another State

Relocation to a new place is always stressful, no matter if you move due to a different, better job, or because you need a change. That being said, even if your change is positive, you’ll face difficulties because uprooting from your friends and family is never easy. There are plenty of barriers to overcome, such as fear of the unknown, concerns about losing old friends and making new friendships, unfamiliarity with the relocation process (if you’ve never moved before), a lot of work and research, and having second thoughts about your leaving.

Still, don’t lose your hope, because there are some strategies for your success you should apply as soon as possible:

  • Think positive,
  • Find groups with like-minded people to join,
  • Involve your pet – if you’re moving with pets, they can help you reduce your stress and connect with others with pets,
  • Set up some routines in your new town, for example, a regular walk or going to gym,
  • Make your new house feel like home – hang your favorite pictures and art photography on the wall, even before unpacking.
Sports activities and groups with people who share the same interests are always a good idea when relocating to another place

Be Honest About Your Feelings and Remind Yourself It’s Not for Good

If you’re struggling with lonesomeness and feeling a bit lost, it can help talk with your friends or family about how you feel. Staying connected with your loved ones is definitely the first step you should undertake to be less alone. Also, keep in mind that there’s always a liberating thought for you: you decided to relocate, and you can choose to move back. Looking at your new life as an excellent experience you can quit when you want, will allow you to relax. However, remember that feeling a little lonely or down after a big change is entirely natural. Give yourself enough time and patience to get into a routine and accept your new surroundings completely.

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