The Best Romantic Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas

Posted Moving Tips&Tricks / December 1, 2021
Daisy Wilson

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Around 144 million greeting cards are exchanged each year for Valentine’s Day. But even if passing cards is completely fine when having a long-distance Valentine’s Day, you might want to spice things up by exploring some new Valentine’s Day ideas for long-distance relationships. Explore our top ideas for having the most romantic Valentine’s day long-distance.

As you may know, long-distance friendships and relationships are only possible and sustainable only as much as you put effort into them. And no matter if you moved to another state alone or your significant other did that, you both must do whatever is in your power to keep the romance going. And now you are probably wondering, “what can I do for Valentine’s Day long distance?”. Well, believe it or not, there are plenty of Valentine’s ideas for a long-distance relationship you can implement.

First, You Need to See if You Two Are on the Same Page – Discuss Your Future

If your boyfriend or girlfriend recently decided to relocate to a new state, you both are probably overwhelmed with emotions and anxious feelings about where your relationship is going. And even though you probably talked about this before you decided to try an LD relationship, it is good to review this arrangement just to ensure you are on the same page.

So talk to your significant other about the future. Are you planning to put your relationships to another level? Are you planning to move in together or not? Who will make the step and relocate for love? And luckily, if you are on the same page, what is a better way than to make this step on Valentine’s? After all, it is the favorite holiday to propose for many millennials.

You Can Move In Together

Another great surprise you can do is to relocate for love. Of course, if your person is also on board with this idea. If you two talked about living together and about cross-country moving, you could do this on Valentine’s as a surprise. Just make sure you book your long-distance moving service in advance because, in the holiday season, it can be tricky to book a long-distance moving company. So start organizing packing and a move at least one month in advance, and ensure you arrange with long-distance movers to ship your belongings once you are all settled in. But if you decide to relocate at the last minute, you can hire cross-country movers for a packing service to speed up the process.

Also, if you and your SO are planning to move from apartment to house once you relocate, ensure to take cross-country moving services alongside storage units. So your belongings can be safe until you two do house hunting.


Plan a Trip

Even though you two can’t spend time together on the most romantic holiday of the year, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to be romantic some other days. Organize a video chat with your significant other and plan a romantic getaway. You can go on a long weekend to some spa or hot springs, or you can plan a trip to Europe and visit some of the most romantic places in the world. For example, a surprise trip to Paris will most definitely put a smile on your partner’s face.

Watch a Movie Together

Long-distance moving away from friends and partners doesn’t mean you can not spend time together. Thanks to modern technology, you can now enjoy the movie without being in the same room. Platforms like Netflix have the option for simultaneous streaming. So if you packed your TV and have the internet up and running, make popcorn, pick a movie and watch it with your partner. You can text each other during the movie or be on a video call while watching, so you can comment together. It will feel like you are at a movie theater.

Arrange Video Date

Nowadays, having a regular phone call almost seems like the past – we all do video chats, and this has become something ordinary we do on a daily basis. And if you have recently moved to a big city, you probably appreciate them more than ever, since making friends in a new city can take some time. Also, video chat is a good way to keep in touch with your significant other. So arrange a zoom meeting. If you two are in different time zones, pick an hour that will be convenient to both of you. If you packed glasses for wine, now is the moment to unpack them. Play some music and set the mood like you are in a fancy restaurant. Don’t forget to light up some candles as well.

Order the Same Food

How do you do a virtual Valentine’s Day? Again, with the help of the internet and modern technology, you can surprise your significant other with dinner. And what is a better way to have date night than with some food on the table? Tell your significant other you two are having a zoom date and arrange with their favorite restaurant to deliver the meal. And of course, you should order similar food as well.

Send a Gift to Your Significant Other and Make Sure It Arrives on Valentine’s Day

Everything you need for a perfect date is ready, and now you are wondering, “what do I get my long-distance boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?” Well, picking the right present for your significant other is never an easy task. But the perfect date is hardly imaginable without a gift. You can buy something yourself, pack it, and send it by FedEx, or you can order something and deliver it to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s home address. You can add more personal touch and create a gift. Scrapbook is an excellent way to show you care, and it is easy to make. Or you can buy a star for your significant other .

Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Gadgets to Keep the Spark Going

When planning a move to another city, many things will be on your mind, from car shipping and finding a place to live to packing pots and pans, and love gadgets will probably be the last thing to think about. But you will be amazed how technology has advanced in this area. So if you haven’t bought any gadgets before your move, you can buy some for Valentine’s and send them to your significant other as a gift. For starters, you can buy vibrating bracelets. These bracelets allow you to “virtually touch” each other. So when you are thinking about your significant other, all you have to do is tap your bracelet, and your partner’s one will vibrate and light up.

Pair of Lamps That Connects With a Touch

Cross-country moving is a hard and stressful event, and anxiety about moving out will be even bigger if you have to say bye to your significant other as well. One of the cool gadgets that can light up your mood and reduce your depression after relocating is the pair of Friendship Lamps. All you have to do is connect lamps to your and your partner’s WiFi, and you are good to go. Once you touch the lamp, it will light up, and the same will happen to your partner’s lamp. This is a great way to tell your significant other you are thinking about them.

Explore the Virtual Romantic Gadgets Together

When it comes to LD relationships, maintaining intimacy can be a source of problems for many couples. Not everybody is comfortable with all sorts of gadgets and love aids. And if this is not your cup of tea you can always try some baby steps first. For example, buy a virtual kissing gadget and try it out with your significant other . The silicon lips are attached to the phone and they imitate the pressure and movements your partner is doing on the same silicon lips that are attached to their phone. If nothing, this gadget will make you both laugh. And who knows maybe in time you decide to use more advanced technology (if you know what we mean, wink, wink).

End Your Date Night With Pillow talk

That is right, and some gadgets can help you feel like you are sleeping with your significant other. Buy Pillow Talk, a bracelet that records and recognizes your heartbeat and sends it to your significant other in real-time. All your partner has to do is place a speaker under the pillow, and it will feel like you are there.

And for more tips on gifts you can buy, check this video.

YouTube video

Book a Spa for Your Significant Other

One of the best long-distance relationship Valentine’s Day ideas is the one that will make your significant other feel loved and taken care of. And what is a better way to show how much you appreciate your significant other than booking a room in a hotel and spa treatment? From massages to total cleansing of the body, a spa treatment is something we all enjoy. And if you wonder how do you wish your Valentine’s Day in a long-distance relationship, it is easy to send your significant other a gift card with a spa coupon, and it will be amazing.

Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas – More Virtual Things You Can Do Together

If you wonder, “what can I do for Valentine’s Day long distance,” you will be happy to hear there are tons of things couples can do. For example, you can take an online class. The more mutual activities you have, the stronger your relationship will be. When sharing activities, you will have more topics to talk about. You can take a cooking class or learn a new language together. Another thing you can do is open a book club. If you packed your books and you two love to read, this is an excellent way to share common interests and keep things interesting.

Book Your Long-Distance Movers and Have the Best Transition Ever

If you are planning to relocate and surprise your significant other on February the 14th, ensure to book your movers in advance. Even though relocating in winter is probably the best time to move, relocating around holidays is always tricky. When you choose a moving company, pick the one that can provide you with all the services. As we mentioned above, you may want to find a new place once you relocate, so it would be good to have movers with storage units. Or, if you are in a hurry, you would want movers that can pack you quickly. It is crucial to have professionals you can rely on when relocating across the country.

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