A Comprehensive Guide to Moving a Tesla Across the Country

Posted Car Shipping / February 28, 2024
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Moving a Tesla across the country requires planning, especially when it comes to choosing the right transportation method. This comprehensive guide aims to delve into the nuances of preparing a Tesla for relocation, highlighting the essential steps to make the transition as smooth as possible. From selecting the ideal white-glove movers for shipping a Tesla to practical advice on preparing the vehicle for its cross-country journey, learn all right here.

Take Preparatory Steps for Ensuring the Tesla Is Transported Safely

Ensuring the safe transport of an EV is of paramount importance when relocating it to another state. Unlike conventional cars with a gas tank, electric vehicles like Teslas have unique considerations. The journey begins with cleaning the vehicle thoroughly, both inside and out, to remove any debris or contaminants that could potentially affect its appearance or functionality during transit. This can be a part of a move-out cleaning process.

Tesla's Model 3 became the first electric car to exceed one million sales

Additionally, it’s crucial to remove personal items from the car to prevent any damage or loss. Inspecting the vehicle for any pre-existing issues is a crucial step, as it allows you to address potential concerns before shipping. Teslas require you to check the battery’s state of charge and ensure that it’s within the optimal range for safe Tesla transport.


Charge the Battery to Optimal Levels

Effective battery management for a Tesla move is essential to relocate efficiently and avoid complications on the road. As you prepare the vehicle for long-distance movers, one crucial aspect is to ensure that the battery is charged to optimal levels. A well-charged battery preserves its health.

Tesla recommends maintaining a state of charge between 45% and 65% for optimal battery longevity. Therefore, before shipping the vehicle, it’s advisable to charge the Tesla to around 65% to strike the right balance between range and battery preservation. This strategic approach ensures that the EV is well-prepared to be loaded and unloaded from carriers.

Conduct the Essential Pre-Move Inspection

Before shipping a car to another state, conducting a comprehensive pre-move inspection is a crucial item on the to-do list. This inspection should encompass both the car’s exterior and interior. Examine the exterior for any signs of damage or wear that might require attention before shipping.

Documenting the car’s current condition through photographs can be beneficial for reference in case of any disputes with the moving company. Inside the vehicle, ensure that all personal items have been removed, and secure any loose items that could move during transport. By inspecting and documenting the Tesla’s condition, you’ll have a clear record to refer to upon its arrival at the new destination, facilitating a hassle-free relocation process.

Select the Right Moving a Tesla Car Method

Choosing the right method is a pivotal decision in the relocation process. It’s a choice that can significantly impact the experience and help alleviate any unwanted stress regarding a relocation. When making this decision, several considerations come into play. First and foremost, you’ll need to decide between hiring professional auto transport services or undertaking the journey yourself.

You’ll also need to weigh the costs and benefits of each option, ensuring that you find the balance between the cheapest way to ship a car and ensuring the safety of the cherished vehicle. Smart tips and careful planning will guide you toward the optimal choice for the unique circumstances.

Professional Auto Transport vs. Self-Driving

As we said, you basically have two options – choosing a white glove moving company or driving across the country. Each one has specific benefits, but only one provides total convenience. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional auto transporter:

  • Convenience – Relieves you of the responsibility of driving long distances.
  • Expertise – Trained professionals handle the entire process, minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Time-saving – Allows you to focus on other aspects of the move.
  • Peace of mind – The EV is covered by insurance during transport.
    The other choice is driving the car yourself. For EVs, this is not generally recommended since, for long-distance Tesla moves, you’ll have to stop and charge the car multiple times. However, there are still some benefits that you might want to know about, such as:
  • Flexibility – You have full control over the journey and can make spontaneous stops.
  • Cost savings – Eliminates the expense of hiring a professional cross-country mover.
  • Personal experience – You get to experience the adventure firsthand.
  • Vehicle control – You can closely monitor your Tesla’s condition throughout the relocation.

Ultimately, the choice between these options depends on your preferences, budget, and the level of involvement you want in the cross-country move.

Evaluating Open and Enclosed Car Transportation

When entrusting cross-country movers with your cherished Tesla on relocation day, you’ll need to decide between open and enclosed car transportation. Open car transportation is more affordable than enclosed transport. The downside is that, during transportation, the car is exposed to weather and road conditions. Still, all things considered, this option is suitable for everyday cars with no special requirements.

On the other hand, enclosed car transportation provides a shield against the elements, dust, and debris. It reduces the risk of damage or scratches during transit, and enclosed carriers are usually requested for valuable or delicate vehicles. Your choice between open and enclosed car transportation should align with your Tesla’s requirements, your relocation budget, and the desire for extra protection during the move.

Hire Reputable Movers Who Have Experience in Handling EVs

Ensuring a smooth relocation involves partnering with a reputable moving company that possesses experience in handling electric vehicles (EVs). Relying on a professional white glove moving company is advisable to navigate the complexities of stress-free moving.

To find the right team for the job, seek moving company recommendations from trusted sources or online reviews. Assess their track record in transporting Tesla models, paying attention to their expertise in handling the specific requirements of electric cars.

Timing is also a crucial factor. Choosing the best time of the year to relocate can help secure availability and potentially lead you to save money on costs. Select a knowledgeable and reliable relocation partner, such as Kerb Movers, and you can rest assured that your valuable asset will be in safe hands.

Choose a Delivery Method

Selecting the appropriate delivery method is a pivotal decision when requesting auto transportation services. Two primary options are terminal-to-terminal shipping and door-to-door shipping. Terminal-to-terminal shipping is ideal for cost-conscious individuals, as it tends to be more budget-friendly. Requires customers to drop off and pick up the EV at specified terminals.

Door-to-door shipping offers the ultimate convenience of having the EV picked up from the current location and delivered to the new address. It eliminates the need for you to visit terminals, reducing your involvement in the process. While it may incur slightly higher costs, it provides a time-saving solution..

Make Sure the Tesla Is Covered by Insurance

Auto transport insurance for Tesla provides peace of mind, knowing that the four-wheeler is protected against unforeseen circumstances. When partnering with reputable relocation companies, you can ask movers questions about the insurance coverage they offer.

In many cases, these companies offer insurance coverage of up to $100,000 for open carriers and up to $500,000 for enclosed carriers, providing a substantial safety net for the vehicle. This insurance ensures that in the unlikely event of damage or loss during transit, you are financially covered and can proceed with the relocation confidently.

When Tesla Gets Delivered, Carry Out a Post-Move Check

Once the EV arrives at the new home, it’s crucial to perform a comprehensive Tesla vehicle post-move inspection check. This step is vital to see that the car has arrived in the condition you expected and to address any potential issues promptly. Among the essential things to do after moving, conducting a post-move check for the car tops the list.

By thoroughly inspecting your vehicle, you can identify any damage that may have occurred during transit and assess whether it’s in proper working order. This diligent examination guarantees that the prized Model 3, Model X, Model Y, or Model S is ready to hit the road safely in its new surroundings.

Inspect the Interior and Exterior for Damage

When inspecting the Tesla’s interior and exterior for damage, begin with a careful examination of the vehicle’s body. Look for any scratches, dents, or other visible marks on the exterior, paying close attention to every detail. Inspect the wheels and tires for any signs of damage or unusual wear.

Moving on to the interior, ensure that all components and features are functioning correctly. Test the infotainment system, climate control, lights, and all other electrical functions. In the case of Model 3, Model Y, and Model S, check the touch screen and Autopilot features. For Model X, pay attention to the distinctive Falcon Wing doors. This meticulous inspection ensures that the car not only looks great but also works just fine.

Update Tesla Software and Settings

When relocating from the East to the West Coast or to a different region, updating Tesla’s software and settings is a crucial step to adapt to the new location’s requirements. To do this, access the car’s software settings through the infotainment system. Check for software updates, as the company frequently releases improvements and optimizations. Check the Tesla website for updates.

The Model S modifies its suspension height depending on where it is located

Update the navigation system to include the latest maps for the new region, ensuring accurate directions and access to Supercharger locations. Adjust settings related to climate control and charging preferences to align with the climate and charging infrastructure of the new location. This guarantees the car is fully optimized for its new surroundings, enhancing the driving experience and convenience.

Kerb Movers Can Move the Tesla for You Without a Hitch

From selecting the right moving method to ensuring the EV is covered by insurance, the key aspects outlined in this guide are essential for a successful relocation. Whether you opt for professional long-distance moving services or handle the journey yourself, the safety and well-being of the EV remain paramount.

For those seeking a convenient solution, we recommend the services of Kerb Movers, a reputable company specializing in moving services as well as packing services. Don’t wait any longer to contact us at Kerb Movers for expert services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Fully Charge My Tesla Before Moving?

It’s advisable to charge the electric vehicle to an optimal level before relocating to ensure sufficient range during transit, especially if you’re using a professional auto transporter. However, avoid fully charging to 100%, as maintaining a charge between 45% and 65% is ideal for the battery’s health.

Is It Better to Hire a Professional Auto Transporter or Drive My Tesla to the New Location?

The decision depends on factors like convenience, budget, and personal preferences. Hiring a professional auto transporter provides convenience and expertise, while self-driving offers flexibility and cost savings. Decide what the priorities are when making this choice.

Are There Any Specific Maintenance Checks I Should Do After Relocating My Tesla?

After relocating, it’s essential to inspect the electric vehicle’s interior and exterior for any damage. Test all car functions to ensure they work correctly, including infotainment, climate control, and Autopilot features, depending on the model.

Can Moving My Tesla to a New Region Affect Its Performance or Software?

Moving to a different region can impact the electric vehicle’s software and settings, primarily if you’re relocating to a completely different region (e.g., East to West Coast). It’s advisable to update the vehicle’s software, including navigation maps, to adapt to the new region’s conditions.

How Do I Prepare My Tesla for Different Climate Conditions at My New Location?

To adapt to varying climate conditions at the new location, adjust the climate control and charging preferences accordingly. Ensure the EV is equipped with the necessary accessories and charging adapters to handle the local charging infrastructure and weather conditions.

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