Master the Use of Space With These Creative Storage Ideas

Posted Moving Tips&Tricks / July 20, 2021
Kaitlyn Bradley

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No matter if you live in a small apartment or a larger house, you will need a lot of creativity to organize your living place in the most practical ways. For that reason, we decided to present you with the best creative storage ideas that will make your space larger and help you organize it better. Considering the potential of storage places is especially important when you’re relocating to a new home because you will have to be sure you’ll have enough space to stock all your belongings. Here is how you can turn your creative chaos into a cozy place and organize it perfectly.

Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Small apartment life requires some creativity since the space you utilize is limited. Although we are usually afraid of all the stuff we stock and try to make them less visible, they can actually be a great component of our interior house design if we use them creatively. This is especially applicable to small apartments or tiny houses that are very suitable for testing all creative storage solutions, which will have a decorative effect and use-value at the same time.

DIY projects can be an easy way for the organization of additional places for storing your belongings. Making a simple shelf of the crate or putting a broader shelf attached to the wall that can simultaneously be a desk is one of the best ways to keep those spaces multifunctional.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Kitchens are the most critical areas of every house since there are literally hundreds of different utensils that need to be properly stored if you want to avoid a mess. Organizing your kitchen, no matter how big or tiny it is, is of the utmost importance if you want to use it efficiently. Using different types of organizers and acquiring custom-made furniture can be a huge space-saver when it comes to the cooking areas. Ensure that every single inch is properly used. A narrow pullout storage rack, to store all the spices, oils, or canned food, will be the perfect method to utilize your kitchen zone fully.


Kitchen Cabinet is Not the Only Way for Organization of Storing Areas

In case your kitchen is so tiny you’ll not be able to put a kitchen cabinet, then you should consider placing open shelves to store all the utensils. Moreover, you can even utilize the wall as storing area to hang the pans and other cooking items. Although this could seem messy at first sight, when you take a closer look, you’ll see that it has some charm of creative chaos that goes perfectly well with small apartment styles. Another benefit? Applying this to your interior is so easy that you’ll need a couple of hours to organize everything.

Kitchen areas are perhaps the only zone in the house to which minimalist lifestyle principles can not be applied because all the things you need for your apartment and those stored here are actually essential. For that reason, once you decide to relocate to your new residence, one of the hardest areas to pack will be the kitchen. However, your moving expenses checklist will be definitely less burdened if you remember to pack all the cooking essentials with you and not have to buy new ones.

Grow Your Urban Vertical Garden and Get the Top Quality Organic Spices and Herbs

Growing your own herbs at an apartment was unthinkable before. However, with the expansion of the need for green areas and rising trends in the interior and exterior design in the past few years of incorporating vertical gardens into living areas, urban gardening has become a way of a lifestyle. Not only that many people have found a way to express their interest in gardening, but they also now have a chance to get top-quality organic products, like spices, herbs, and even cherry tomatoes.

With advanced techniques and equipment, creating this living wall in your kitchen or at the balcony was never easier to do. There are few possible ways how you can do it. You can organize it as a container-style garden which means your planters will be attached to the walls, and all plants displayed in rows. Another option is to go for a more affordable pocket garden made of the canvas of felt and easily applicable to walls. So, once you decide to produce herbs and spices on your own, when you move, don’t forget to pack your smaller gardening tools because they are one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

Don’t Have Any Space Left for Closet? Put the Clothing Rack Instead!

Mini apartments usually mean very limited zones, so you will definitely want to use every inch of it. In case you don’t have enough capacity to put a walk-in closet, or even a single standing closet, then putting a clothing rack will be the best possible solution to store your clothes. This way, you will attain that your living area is always neat, and even better, you will always know where your clothes are. Another great thing is that a clothing rack will not disrupt the aesthetics of your living area, and it is quite a cheap option.

Clothing racks are also a perfect choice for all those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle. This way, they will always know how many clothing items they have and when it is time to donate clothes for the homeless or some charity organization. Want to know another advantage of using clothing racks? Since you’ll always know how many clothing items you have, packing clothes for moving to your next home address will be the easiest task on your moving to-do list. Not only will this help you to move efficiently, but you will also avoid unnecessary moving stress.

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most favorite areas within homes since they usually present our personal spa and relax zone. However, if they are too cluttered or messy, the probability you’ll enjoy it equals zero. For that reason, you will want to get your bathroom perfectly organized. Hanging decorative baskets, metal racks on the bathroom door, and putting plastic or metal storing items in the shower tub will be enough to get all the stuff into an order. Also, having a bathroom cabinet is a must-do if you want to have your hygiene items perfectly organized.

Bathroom projects enable you to be fully creative and utilize already used items like old ladders to hang the towels or make shelves of them and wooden crates to store chemicals under the bathroom sink. So, if you have relocated recently to your new home, one of the first things to do after moving in is to get your bathroom in order and create your oasis to enjoy.

Wall Can Be a Great Stock Space and Your Next Favourite DIY Design Project

People usually forget about the potential of walls for storing belongings. But besides, they can help you keep your belongings in order easier, and they have decor potential that can make any space an eye-catching place. Whether you decide to create gallery walls of your family pictures, or pieces of art, hang the ceramics plates or mirrors, or place your hats on, it will definitely be a unique corner in your house, so ensure to get the maximum of it.

From a Blank Canvas to an Example of a Stylish Design

The best thing about arranging walls is that there is no rule to follow since everything is left to your imagination and creativity. Differently sized and shaped frames, or mirrors, contrasting color palettes, ultra-modern and ornamental elements, you can even combine a few diverse styles. Everything is allowed when it comes to your wall design, especially when you’re moving to another state alone and need your family photos and other memories to be close. In case you need more ideas on how to turn your boring walls into dazzling focal points within your home, take a look at the video below and find the best ideas on how to create an authentic corner in your house.

YouTube video

Need A Unique Storage Idea for Your Kids Toys?

Living in a mini apartment with children can be pretty challenging when it comes to storing their toys. The thing you’d definitely want to avoid is having scattered toys all around your house. Creating a playing area within your living room and putting a cupboard with decorative wicker baskets for a toy store is a potentially successful solution for all your kids’ trinkets.

In case they have a small but separate sleeping room, then designing their area in advance with the assistance of a professional interior designer will be of tremendous help to make it fully functional. Putting comfortable bunk beds and creating a playing area beneath them will be a great way to organize the storing of their toys, and even better – kids will just adore it! Of course, in case your living area is really limited, then you can always consider the option of donating toys. This will be just a great method to teach your kids the sharing lesson, and also, you’ll be able to function better with fewer toys all around the home.

Creative Storage Solutions for Your Tiny Belongings – Home Organizers

Organization of your makeup, jewelry, bathroom accessories, storing Christmas ornaments or any other tiny item you have can be easy to do. This will help you save your space from unnecessary clutter and mess. The best part of the organization of your tiny belongings is that you can actually do it using things you already have in your home, like jars, old cups, cans, or crates. So, once you decide to go for this DIY project, aside from arranging all that stuff in order, you will never again have a problem of not knowing where they are.

Create Storage Area Under the Staircase

A staircase presents one of the best areas for creating additional storage space in the house. This is a perfect spot to store all your shoes, suitcases, or umbrellas. Although this is a quite complex and expensive project to perform, because those storages imply custom-made closets, ensure to hire professionals who will help you and design this area in the way they will use every single inch of it. And also, ensure to list it in your moving budget since this is one of the most common things you forget to do when you move.

Relocating to a New Home? Ensure to Have Enough Stock Place There and Hire Reputable Long-distance Moving Company

No matter your reasons to move, and whether you’re moving from apartment to house, to a smaller or bigger realty, ensure to plan all the details related to the storage place in advance. In case you’re relocating to a smaller property, then organize thorough decluttering of your house before you start to pack your belongings. Not only will you save the future home from unnecessary things to be stored, but it will also positively affect your moving budget since you’ll have fewer items to relocate, and reliable cross-country movers base their quotes on inventory lists.

One of the best tips for moving out of state we could share with you is to choose wisely long-distance moving services and cross-country movers who will provide you with it, and check how much do movers cost before you agree to any conditions. Choosing trustworthy movers who can support every aspect of your relocation, from auto-shipping to using their storage services, is of tremendous help to organize a stress-free moving. So, start exploring all moving hacks, schedule your relocation in advance, and don’t forget to dedicate some time to creative projects that will make your living area more comfortable.

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