October 15, 2021

How to Improve Your Future Home – Best Lifestyle and Interior Design Tips for Your Dream House

You’re about to move, and you are more than excited to start fresh in a lovely new place. Of course, preparing for a move isn’t easy, but you know that it is worth it. However, you understand that no house or apartment is perfect – you’ll still need to improve your future home a bit. Do you know how to pull off a DIY home improvement after a relocation?

What can you do to remodel your living space a bit once you move in?

Although decorating your space sounds like plenty of fun, there’s a question that can’t be avoided in this situation – how can you afford house improvements right after long-distance moving? Rare are those who aren’t short with cash in the post-relocation period, but that problem can be easily solved with budget-friendly home improvement ideas. We have a few of those that can help you build a dream environment for yourself and your family. Follow our tips, and you are bound to make your place the one you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Stylish Interior Design Ideas That Will Help You Improve Your Future Home Quickly and on a Budget

After you move to another city, one of the tasks you will have to face is designing and building a place to suit your taste. Even if you have found the cheapest way to move out of state, the chances are that you will be tight with money – everybody has a lengthy moving expenses checklist. But, nobody said you have to do a complete makeover so the place will be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. You don’t even have to contact a contractor for remodeling. Countless DIY designing-a-house tips will blow your mind.

DIY Future House Design Can Be a Fun Activity to Relax After the Move

What should my future house design look like? This dilemma should worry you – why add to the residual moving stress? Researching trending home news and interior decoration ideas is a fun activity. It is actually recommended for fighting depression after moving, and you will see why. We’re guessing you’ve downsized for a move, as most of us do, right? In that case, you will enjoy buying little things that turn an empty room into a comfy, warm one, especially if you’ve moved in winter when it is freezing outside – that’s when you need the warmth of your place the most.


Make a Plan and Calculate the Budget Before You Start Decorating Your Home

You can’t let yourself get lost in countless unique ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest, even if you’ve got a job in another state before moving there. You still have to think about the consequences of your moving budget, so it is best to plan to avoid overspending. Just as you had to write a moving to-do list, you should have a list for this task as well. Once you have everything written down, you can see how much you’ll need to spend.

You will enjoy looking for decor ideas online - just don't let spending get out of hand

Re-Design Your Future Home With a Few Buckets of Paint

You would be surprised at how effective this little tip can be. Freshening up the walls with a few layers of paint can do wonders, mainly if you use light colors that will open up the space. Do you have a narrow hallway? No problem, paint it in light blue, peach, or lime green – the area will seem larger than it actually is. Your furniture doesn’t match the color in the living room? You can fix that in the blink of an eye.

Because paint is on the list of items movers won’t move, you will have to buy it, but that’s not expensive. Finding enough time for this might be more challenging – adjusting to the city and neighborhood in the midst of starting another job and trying to keep in contact with old friends is exhausting. However, don’t skip painting – even if you simply go over every wall with the basic white color, your place will seem freshened up – it is an addition to cleaning the apartment before moving in. Put on some upbeat music, contact a few friends and ask them to assist you, and you’ll have a blast.

What If You’re Renting a Place and Can’t Paint Over the Existing Color?

You’ve rented an apartment, and your landlord isn’t happy with the idea of changing walls. But you hate, let’s say, the color in the kitchen. What to do? No need to worry – you won’t be stuck with that horrible shade in the years to come. Have you heard of removable wallpapers? They are lifesavers in these situations – you can easily attach them to the wall, and they will come off just as easy once you decide to move out.

Find someone to accompany you and paint with you - it will be way more fun

New Floor Will Lighten Up the Mood in Every Room

At first thought, changing floors will seem expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is be creative, and the change will come. We have a few tricks for refreshing your floors that won’t cost a load of money – check the list below:

  • Floor paint – Why not simply paint over the floors you’re not fond of? It might not be the perfect solution forever, but it will do until you’re ready to do proper remodeling. Plus, there are really durable paints out there that will do the job perfectly. This will be super fun and look fantastic when it’s done.
  • Cork floor – The best thing about cork is that it is a layer of insulation. It’s also pretty stylish, and it goes well with almost every type of decor.
  • Vinyl tiles – Cheap and great-looking, these tiles are an excellent solution for those on a budget who want to add a fresh look to their floors. There are countless patterns and colors to choose from – have fun.
  • Decking tiles – They are a perfect solution for renters, as they can be easily removed once you have to move out. Just as with vinyl tiles, you have a vast range of possibilities to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you’ll love. You won’t struggle with installing them – check out the video below to see how it is done.

Stairs Can Make an Impression, Too – Here Are Our Ideas

If your stairs seem a bit blank and don’t fit the vibe and style you’re going for, you can improve them quickly. These are some of the wisest post-moving hacks we’re about to share with you. If you place a stair runner over unimpressionable stairs, you can achieve the effect you’re going for. It’s all a matter of finding the runner with the correct pattern. A cherry on top of this is that your stairs won’t be slippery, which is vital for those moving with little ones – it’ll help you baby-proof your place.

Don’t overlook the exposed side of the stairs – it can be a beautiful detail that’ll catch the eye of every visitor. We suggest adding stair brackets to your new apartment checklist – they come in all sorts of shapes and styles and are easy to install. It is a simple trick that won’t cost too much time or money, yet it will do a lot for your inner interior designer. Why not try it out?

Your stairs don't have to be so empty - your should plan to decorate them

Beautiful Front Porch Will Feel Like a Warm Welcome

Once you’ve made friends in your city, you’ll have someone to invite over. In that case, we assume you’ll want them to love your place – starting with the entrance. If your front door doesn’t look so representative, you can go for DIY restoration. For those not living in the building, the same goes for the front deck. Anything made of wood can be damaged by weather, so a bit of scrubbing and a layer of lacquer can do it good. If you also find a cute doormat, everything will look perfect. Add a few plants and maybe a cute little lantern above the door, and you’ll provide a charming entry for anyone who sets foot in your place. Be sure to decorate your front porch with a swing or a simple table and chairs where you can enjoy a cup of coffee every morning.

Front porch can be one of the greatest parts of a residence if you decorate it properly

Don’t Replace Your Old Furniture When You Can Improve It to Fit Your New Style

Plenty of people donate furniture before moving out of state, thinking that old pieces won’t fit the aesthetic of another place. In some cases, they won’t, but we still think you should move your furniture. If you find a reputable company with quality long-distance moving services to move stuff to your building, that won’t be a problem. With a bit of work, plenty of items can seem as if they were bought yesterday, trust us. So don’t hesitate to add them to your list of things to keep when moving. Selling all your furniture can sometimes turn out to be one of the moving mistakes.

How to Build on Items You Have and Bring Them a Bit of Freshness?

If the color of your shelves doesn’t match your newly put-together place, simply paint them over. We’ve already talked about how a little bright paint can do a lot. Once the paint dries, your shelves are ready for all those packed books that will take a while to unpack after moving. When it comes to cabinets or any wooden pieces, the paint can do as well. You can also replace the furniture handles – it seems a small thing to do, but it changes a lot. If you think that you can’t do anything with your sofa, we have a solution for you – why not buy some fluffy pillows? You’ll have a cozy corner for reading or watching TV on a rainy day.

Paint over the cabinets - you'll be proud of yourself as if you were the one to build them

What Can Help You Further Improve Your Living Room?

You don’t have to contact a decorator for this. If you stylishly organize your bookshelves, you basically don’t even have to do anything else – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Classic decor such as vases (and other similar fragile items you struggled to pack) with beautiful flowers will change the space completely. Of course, you don’t have to put plenty of decorations at once. Start small, and then build from that. What is excellent for building an atmosphere and making you feel comfortable? We have a few suggestions for you – check the list below:

  • Scented candles,
  • Flower pots,
  • Gallery wall,
  • Mirrors,
  • Pile of magazines,
  • Colorful sofa cushions,
  • Fluffy, warm rugs,
  • Corner with framed photos,
  • Curtains that match the furniture and walls,
  • Blankets.
Little things can turn your living area into a dream space

You Can Do a Lot to Breathe Some Fresh Air Into Your Kitchen

The kitchen brings the whole family together – it should be the warmest spot in your residence. Let us remind you of the importance of walls. Be sure to put on some exciting wallpapers or paint the walls in something bright such as yellow or orange (you can also do that with kitchen cabinets). Trust us, that will suit any kitchen.

If you’ve decluttered plenty of kitchen items before the move, you have space to find a style you want and work towards it. Even buying pots and pans in a different color than those you used to have will be satisfying. Getting a few accessories is a great idea – you can’t avoid a trip to the Ikea, Pottery Barn, or Target. Decorating basically can’t be done without them. Also, replacing the kitchen tap with a more fashionable one can completely change the place’s feel. Pro tip – add at least one plant and a bowl of fruit on the counter. It will brighten up the whole kitchen.

Plants and fruit are great for battling the monotony in any kitchen

Here’s What Can Make Your Bathroom Look Fancier

Obviously, nothing should be done until you clean an apartment before moving in, and that’s especially important when we’re talking about the bathroom. First, be sure to change the toilet seat – primarily for hygiene reasons, but also to find the one that suits your aesthetics. A shower curtain is one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, so the chances are that previous tenants have left it – change it. Also, find some fashionable sinks to add the appeal of the space, and remember to recaulk the tiles.

Freshen up your bathroom so it fits your style and feels more comfortable

Start Making a Plan Now – Your Cross-Country Moving Day Will Come Sooner Than You Think

Building your dream space – you might not be able to do it from the grounds, but you can indeed change a lot with some creativity and a little cash. Your long-distance movers might not be here yet, but the moving day will come quickly. In the pauses between planning a move and trying to handle your anxiety about moving out, you can research decorating ideas for your soon-to-be cozy place – it will lower your moving stress.

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