November 7, 2023

Top 10 Pros of Moving to Tampa, Florida

Considering moving to Tampa? This Florida city is so much more than just sunny skies and beautiful beaches. It’s a place where culture, affordability, and opportunities to grow converge. Whether you’re seeking a dream job or a laid-back lifestyle, Tampa will cater to all of your needs. Let’s discover the top reasons that inspire many to relocate here.

There are more than enough good reasons for you to consider relocating here

Why Are People Moving to Tampa, FL?

Tampa area’s recent transformation is a compelling narrative of resurgence, drawing nearly 230,000 new residents in the last decade. The city has bounced back remarkably from the Great Recession, becoming one of the fastest-growing areas in the US.

This growth is attributed to constant reinvention and upgrading of its amenities. It also boasts steady employment growth. With a lower unemployment rate than both the state and national averages, it is drawing in new businesses and, thus, jobs. Affordability, warm weather, and good public transportation are key factors that inspire people to relocate to this city.


How Many People Are Moving There Daily?

Nearly 150 people relocate to this area every day, reflecting the city’s growing appeal as a relocation destination according to a Bloomberg analysis of the US Census data. This steady influx of new residents is a testament to its allure and the myriad of opportunities it presents for those seeking a new place to call home. Now, let’s see what it is exactly that makes people want to move here.

Around 150 individuals relocate to this city every day

#1 Enjoy an Enviable Weather All Year Round

Cross-country moving into the unknown can be overwhelming, but embracing a life of perpetual summer can’t be that hard. The region’s warm climate ensures comfort throughout the year.

It allows residents to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and leisurely beach days without the interruption of harsh winters. This year-round warmth not only promises endless sunshine but also invites a cheerful, active lifestyle that is hard to find elsewhere.

Check the video below for the top ten things to do in this city.

#2 Big Economic Growth and Vast Job Opportunities

The economic landscape of this Floridian hub is marked by significant growth and a thriving job market. This is evident by a notable increase in job postings over recent years and a huge inflow of fine young professionals ready to seize their chance.

With over 80,000 job postings in the first quarter of this year alone, the area witnessed a 0.4% increase from the previous year. The tech sector, in particular, saw a surge with more than 20,000 technical jobs, marking an 8% growth in tech employment year-over-year.

Such figures reflect a robust economy conducive to career opportunities across a variety of sectors. So it seems there is nothing to worry about if you are moving with no job, as there are plenty of options for everyone.

Who Are the Top Employers in Tampa

If you are looking for a job before long-distance moving, know that the top employers reflect the city’s key industries. Some of these include defense and security, IT, finances, tourism, life sciences and healthcare, and manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. Major employers that stand out are:

  • MacDill Air Force Base, contributing over 15,000 military and civilian personnel,
  • Jabil, with approximately 238,000 employees in manufacturing,
  • Raymond James Financial, with around 20,000 employees in the finance sector,
  • Bloomin’ Brands, the parent company of several popular restaurant chains, employs roughly 77,000 workers.

These employers not only offer a multitude of job opportunities but also play a pivotal role in the area’s economic development and stability.

There are plenty of opportunities for those ready to work

#3 There Is No State Income Tax

Florida stands out for its favorable tax policies, offering a distinct financial benefit with the absence of a state income tax. This policy means that residents can enjoy a higher take-home pay and potentially a better quality of life, as more of their earnings remain in their pockets.

This tax advantage positions Florida as an attractive destination for both individuals and businesses looking to maximize their financial well-being. It is contributing to the area’s appeal and ongoing influx of new residents and enterprises.

#4 Affordable Cost of Living in Comparison to Other Florida Cities

Tampa’s cost of living is 5% below the national average, making it an appealing destination for first-time homebuyers and those seeking a high-quality life without a hefty price tag. The cost of living for a family of four is estimated at $4,600 per month, while a single person needs $1,300 monthly.

When we compare this with the costs in Miami and Orlando, it’s clear that Tampa falls between the two. Here’s the table of other costs you should be aware of before you start planning relocation to another city.

Expenses Average Costs
Median home price $267,000
Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment $1,800/month
Groceries $400/month (per person)
Utilities (basic, phone, and internet bill) $380/month
Public Transportation (Monthly) $75

#5 Plenty of Neighborhoods Available for Different Preferences

If you are moving to Tampa, where to live shouldn’t be one of your concerns. In this Floridian city, finding a good neighborhood is not that hard. Everyone can find their perfect spot. The options range from the trendy and walkable urban districts and serene suburbs perfect for raising a family to the beachside locales that offer a daily retreat to nature.

Each neighborhood boasts its own unique character and amenities. This allows for a personalized living experience that aligns with individual lifestyles and needs. The diversity in residential areas is one of the many reasons to move here and why the city continues to attract a wide demographic of new residents.

Here you can find just a perfect spot for raising your family

#6 Wide Range of Educational Prospects

This city’s educational landscape offers a wide spectrum of opportunities, with institutions that cater to various academic and professional aspirations. The educational system here is rich with options, from public research universities to private colleges, providing a foundation for innovation and growth.

What Are the Top Universities in Tampa

Among the top universities is the University of South Florida, acclaimed for its diverse environment and strong community. It is joined by the University of Tampa, known for its small class sizes and robust academic opportunities.

Southeastern University also ranks highly, offering an engaging campus life and a passionate teaching staff. Together, these institutions reflect the region’s commitment to educational excellence and the development of a skilled workforce​. All you have to do is pack for college and get ready to immerse yourself in a good educational environment.

Embark on your educational journey in one of the top-tier universities

#7 Rich Cultural Tapestry and Unmatched Outdoor and Recreational Activities

Cultural diversity and heritage are deeply rooted in this city. They are tracing back to Spanish exploration and the establishment of Ybor City as Cigar City. Here, immigrants from Cuba, Spain, Italy, and Germany contributed to the vibrant tapestry of the community.

Today, the city proudly celebrates its multicultural legacy. Events like Fiesta Day and the Cuban Sandwich Festival, maintaining a strong Italian influence through Festa Italiana and honoring a Greek presence in Tarpon Springs.

With over 130 nationalities represented, the area’s diversity is also reflected in its workforce, attracting multinational corporations that value the multilingual talent pool. The commitment to inclusivity extends to LGBTQ individuals. It is underscored by its perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index and the annual Tampa Pride Parade and Festival, drawing tens of thousands to celebrate.

Tampa Is a Foodie’s Paradise

Exploring the culinary scene here means diving into a gastronomic adventure that mirrors its cultural richness. The city’s eateries range from traditional favorites to modern fusion cuisine, offering an array of flavors to suit any palate. Food markets throughout the year showcase the region’s culinary delights, further solidifying its reputation as a haven for food enthusiasts.

Sports and Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love Living in Tampa

Water sports enthusiasts have a plethora of options, from kayaking and paddleboarding to sailing and fishing in the warm coastal waters. On the other hand, the abundance of green spaces and trails caters to those who prefer land-based activities.

For sports enthusiasts, the city is nothing short of paradise. Home to professional teams in major leagues and a variety of sports facilities, fans can indulge in their passion year-round. The local passion for sports is palpable, with game days being citywide events.

This area offers hiking, biking, and leisurely strolls amidst lush green landscapes

#8 Explore the Vibrant Nightlife and Entertainment Opportunities

With a reputation for spirited nightlife and diverse entertainment options, the city offers a wide array of venues that cater to all tastes. From historic neighborhoods with a storied past to modern bars and clubs, it is a hub for those seeking a lively evening out.

Iconic spots like Gaspar’s Grotto and The Hub provide a blend of local flavor and classic drinks, while Cigar City Brewing satisfies craft beer aficionados. For a more upscale experience, CW’s Gin Point delivers with its elegant setting and crafted cocktails.

Outdoors, The Sail Plaza allows patrons to enjoy fresh drinks with waterfront views. On the other hand, Ciro’s Speakeasy brings the allure of the 1920s with its themed ambiance and specialty cocktails.

#9 The City Is Easy to Get Around

The transportation infrastructure is designed for convenience, connecting neighborhoods and key areas with a network of roads, highways, and public transit options. Efficient bus services, streetcars, and ample bike lanes ensure that residents and visitors can navigate the city with ease.

For those who prefer to drive, the city is served by several major highways, making commutes and travel straightforward. This well-planned infrastructure significantly reduces travel time, enhancing the overall quality of life by making the city accessible to everyone.

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#10 It’s Known to Have a Friendly and Welcoming Community

Tampa’s community is known for its warmth and inclusivity, offering a welcoming atmosphere to newcomers and visitors alike. The social fabric is characterized by a friendly demeanor, which makes meeting new friends a breeze.

Here, neighbors often know each other by name, and social events foster strong communal bonds. This sense of community is what many residents cite as a highlight of living in the area. This supportive and friendly environment makes it an ideal place for those looking to relocate to a new city alone.

Meeting new people after relocation can be tricky, but with a welcoming community, it's a breeze

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What Are the Best Neighborhoods for Families in Tampa?

If you are relocating to Tampa with family, these neighborhoods are frequently recommended due to their safety, quality of schools, family-friendly amenities, and community feel.

  • Palma Ceia – known for being one of the safest neighborhoods with excellent high schools, it’s a great option for families​​​.
  • Lutz – this suburb is highlighted for its family-friendly atmosphere and also boasts some of Tampa’s best high schools​​​​​.
  • Hyde Park – an affluent neighborhood close to downtown, it is family-friendly and offers convenient shopping options​​​.
  • Fishhawk Ranch – a good family-oriented community​.
  • Brandon – is recognized for its family-friendly environment, parks, and suburban feel, making it an ideal location for families​.

How Do I Prepare for Moving to a Warmer Climate Like Tampa?

To prepare for moving to a warmer climate, consider a home with energy-efficient air conditioning, ample shade, and good ventilation. Invest in sun protection for your car and home, such as window tints or shades.

Choose appropriate clothing made of breathable fabrics and plan for a hydration strategy to maintain health in higher temperatures. It’s also wise to familiarize yourself with local weather patterns and safety precautions for extreme heat.

How Is the Traffic in Tampa, and How Can Hiring Movers Who Know the Terrain Help You Save on Relocation Costs?

Tampa’s traffic conditions can vary, with peak times often resulting in congestion in urban areas. That is why if you want a seamless move, you should consider hiring white-glove movers from Tampa. Their knowledge of the best and most efficient routes will ensure a stress-free relocation while helping you save on moving costs and fuel in the process.

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