5 Things You Should Know When Moving to a New City Alone That Will Help You Adjust Faster

Posted Moving Tips&Tricks / November 4, 2021
Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

Those moving to a new city alone might feel somewhat threatened by the task in front of them, and not without reason. Going through a whole move on your own won’t be easy, that you should know, however it will bear great results. So, while it may seem overwhelming, trust us that it’s worth it. And we are here to help you get through it all without losing your mind.

Tips for Moving to a New City Alone

So, you’ve hired long-distance movers, and now, although the practical part of the question of how to move to a new city alone has been answered, you still don’t get how to get through with the task emotionally. But, because we want you not only to move efficiently but also to enjoy this chapter of your life, we’ve compiled a list of tips to get you comfortable with all the changes. So, get ready to read about:

  • Getting introduced to significant risk and safety factors in the town to reduce relocation stress,
  • Ways to inform yourself on neighborhoods and transportation,
  • Figuring out events and social outings and getting out of your comfort zone,
  • Co-living with a roommate,
  • And finally, hiring an auto transport company to help you ship your vehicle and explore the general area you’ve moved to.

How Do You Handle Moving to a New City Alone?

While the chapter that awaits you might seem daunting, you shouldn’t be afraid of being alone. You may not be used to being emotionally independent and resilient, and thus loneliness can be a real problem. However, with the right mindset and maybe even some professional support, it won’t take long for you to realize that you are on a great adventure with someone very special – yourself.

Will there be hard days? Yes, there are always some difficult times, even in the most fun escapades. But they are also crucial for a person to learn how to be resourceful, as well as enjoy spending time on their own. And we have both some ideas on how to get introduced to your place of residence, on some good ideas for solo dates, as well as on how to get to know different folks.


#1 Get Informed on Risk Factors of the Place You’re Relocating to Minimize Relocation Anxiety

You might wonder, is it scary moving to a new city? Well, it can be, especially if you don’t feel safe there. And sometimes, the crime rates and overall safety of a place indicate it’s common that people would feel frightened. However, most of the time, this could just be your own head messing with you. Moving-out anxiety, especially when you don’t have someone by your side to cast it away, can show up in the strangest ways. One of them is your psyche switching on the fight or flight instinct because your mind doesn’t know how to deal with you going through a huge change.

So to reduce the chance of either of these scenarios coming to life, before you move to a different home, make sure you are certain in your decision to move there. Get yourself acquainted with things like crime rates, emergency numbers, health care providers, and other risk-minimizing amenities so that you feel safer, as well as have a backup plan for if anything goes wrong. Although your friends and family might not be near physically, put them on speed dials as emergency contacts for if anything goes wrong (although it won’t). However, you’ll feel much safer having a safety net in this situation.

If You Are Struggling With Anxiety Multiple Weeks After the Move, Consider Seeking Professional Help

If you find that you’re stressing about your safety for multiple weeks on end without any palpable reasons, you might be dealing with more than just relocation anxiety. The move might be triggering some long-term anxiety that requires a bit more attention. And while it can be uncomfortable, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Even if they were very wanted and long-awaited, large changes in our lives could still have side effects.

And if you find yourself struggling, know that not having close people around can make the situation feel even more difficult. So, we suggest talking to a professional therapist to ease your mind a bit. If you are not sure how to go about finding a therapist, we recommend checking out the following video:

YouTube video

#2 Research the Neighborhoods and Transportation Options

Another thing you’ll need to research so that you can feel comfortable after relocating to a different city is specific neighborhoods, as well as public transportation options. Knowing the average commute time one requires to get where one needs to go will help you figure out where to rent the new apartment of your dreams. Knowing what neighborhoods are like and how well they are connected to each other and the city center are all relevant factors for figuring out where to settle down.

Use Social Media to Research the Place You Are Relocating to

Social media is a great way to find out more about a place from the viewpoint of those who’ve already lived and experienced it. Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter are great resources to find out more about the world. And not only can you read already existing threads concerning the best picks of neighborhoods and transportation options surrounding those you like, but you can also get answers to your own specific questions. And who knows, you might end up not only with a mental map of the local area but also some online friends who might even live nearby.

#3 Plan a Few Walking Routes and Get Ready to Explore Events

The aforementioned apps are also great resources to see what people find interesting and what you as well might find compelling to explore. Besides that, you should read blogs that show what both tourists and locals deem the best outings in this town and write these down on your checklist of places to visit. Museums, hiking trails, gigs, bars, and architectural landmarks should all make their way on your list.

The first week after you move, other than having to unpack and getting the document organization out of the way, you should have a daily walking route set, with a clear destination from the aforementioned list to explore. Whether your final stop is an art exhibition, a beloved local restaurant, or a beautiful vantage point, have every day pre-planned so that you can escape any potential after-move depression that may arise.

You’ll Have to Be Extra Social, Especially if You’re Moving to a New City Alone Without a Job

So, you want to find the answer to the following question: how do I start a new life alone in a new city? Well, if you don’t want to die of boredom in your home, especially if you haven’t found a job before the move to keep you occupied on the slower days, get ready to go out of your comfort zone and get extra social. Not only should you make little tourist plans, but also be prepared to talk to people you meet at your destinations.

For example, maybe you found a local organization that puts forward young musicians, organizing gigs on a weekly basis. Other than going to a music show to listen to people play, you should also try to meet someone. This is a great way to expand your social circle since you’ll get the opportunity to meet people who share your interests and passions, which is always an important starting point to start a friendship.

#4 Find a Roommate to Jump Start Your Social Circle

If you plan on moving to a city alone, you shouldn’t expect the first month to be all smooth sailing. Once the initial excitement about relocating to the big city goes away, you might find yourself feeling lonely. Since it can be difficult to make friends as soon as you relocate, we always recommend those afraid of the potential isolation to think about this in advance and resolve the problem by making their living situation a social one.

If you aren’t packing for a college dorm, you won’t have any readily accessible friendship circles to join. And although you are relocating alone, don’t think you have to live in a home in that way too. And apart from always having someone to talk to, you will also get more freedom with your budget since you’ll be splitting the cost of utilities and rent. So it really is a win-win situation!

Should You Live Alone When Moving to a New City?

Many people don’t want to share a living space with a stranger or even a friend, and for many living on their own is their primary reason to move. So, if you are compelled to live solo yet are wondering if it’s even a good idea, trust us when we say that there is nothing inherently bad about it. And if you already have experienced the single life, it can be great.

However, if this is your first apartment, you might not even be aware of everything that awaits you after you move. From grocery shopping to paying rent and utilities, and even cleaning the space – so you might need someone to show you the ropes. It’s just important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can assess the situation, but ultimately, no one can tell you what’s best for you except yourself.

#5 Don’t Forget to Hire a Car Shipping Company so That You Can Explore the Neighboring Cities as Soon as You Move

When the situation is such that a long-distance moving company is cross country moving you to a small town, spending every day in its parameters can become exhausting after even a few weeks. That’s why we always recommend hiring long-distance moving services for assistance with auto transport as well. With your car easily accessible, you’ll be able to explore nearby villages, nature, urban spaces, and hiking routes as well.

You won’t be tied to the public transport system and will feel much more freedom in your current life, escaping any boredom or depression that may arise. So don’t think that cross country movers are just there to help with packing materials or by taking your things to a storage unit. They can also be your main assistance in getting your vehicle to the new address without having to pull multiple all-nighters on the road in these stressful times of relocation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make the Change

While relocating all on your own can seem a bit scary, it’s important not to panic. What is in front of you is a wonderful new chapter and change you should embrace with your arms wide open. After all, what is life if not a series of events you should find ways to enjoy, even if they stress you out a bit? So, leave your worries behind and stroll away. We hope you found our tips and tricks for fresh home-renters and owners helpful and that now you too will more easily become one.

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