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Posted Organizing Your Move / November 13, 2021
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Skyrocketing living and housing costs and the highest taxes in the States were enough reasons for nearly 650,000 people to move out of the Golden State only in 2019. Here are the places where are Californians moving to in search of a new Californian dream.

What States Are Californians Most Likely Moving To?

Deciding where to live next was an actual question for millions of citizens of Cali, faced with near-unbearable costs of living. The neighboring states appeared as an acceptable solution for many reasons – the vicinity of CA, lower taxes, fair cost of living, and better prospects for buying a property.

In the previous decade, more than 6 million people moved out from CA, which significantly impacted the population number there. Even San Jose, the 10th largest city in the US, lost 1.26% of its population. So, if you were wondering what state are Californians moving to, and what are the reasons to move, here are the top five places they choose when ready to move to a new home.


Texas is the Top Destination for Californians

According to the latest Texas relocation report, TX welcomed half-million residents in 2020, of whom 82,235 came from the sunny Californian coast. Although California has the reputation of being the most desirable destination for tens of thousands of people all around the globe, people who live there and pay taxes would disagree. Despite mass immigration, Cali is still the highest taxed place in the USA, which is one of the main reasons why are Californians moving to Texas. And here are other benefits of relocating to the Lone Star ST.

Lower Costs of Living and High Prospects to Buy Your Own Home Are Realistic Options in Texas

When it comes to costs of living, Texas is 21% cheaper than California. And this difference is not something to neglect. The most radical difference is in rental and house prices. If we compare Los Angeles and Dallas, LA is 50% more expensive than Big D. When it comes to house prices, the typical Texas property value equals $257,000, while in California, the average price of homes is $709,000.

No State Income Taxes, Great Business Climate, and Booming Startup Community

Another reason why the Golden ST. citizens choose to relocate to TX is a leading tech and startup community that is estimated to become a new Silicon Valley. Tax incentives and support for early-stage businesses are other good news and the main characteristics of the Austin and Dallas economic environment which are also some of the best cities for young professionals. So, if you want to scale your business fast, or find an investor ready to put in your idea, relocation to some of those two cities is going to be a good option!

Arizona’s Economy is Outlandishly Strong, and That’s Why 60,000 Cali Residents Moved Here Last Year

The Grand Canyon is not the only grandiose thing about this southwestern state, and there are many things to do after relocating. Aside from gorgeous reddish landscapes and dramatic cliffs spread all over Arizona, the blossoming economy is another great thing about Apache ST.

Diverse Job Opportunities Are Shaping Arizona’s Potential to Grow

Arizona didn’t miss embracing the innovative startup community that is the main investment and job generator now. Even the biggest players like Apple, Uber, Google, or Lucid Motors (the greatest Tesla competitor) find Apache ST. the potent field for further business expansion.

The growing job opportunities, and need for a workforce of all profiles, made AR one of the most desirable destinations across the US. Home construction, engineering, technicians, teachers, medical staff, and software developers are some of the most wanted profiles here.

So, if you’re an expert in some of those, or at the beginning of your career, the good news is – getting a job in another state before relocating there is absolutely possible! In some cases, everything you need to do is to contact the specific company, send them the CV, and the job offer could fly into your inbox within a week!

The Combination That Always Wins: Higher Quality of Life and Lower Living Costs, Taxes, and House Prices

While California has one of the highest tax rates in the US, Arizona’s taxes are below the national average – great news for all those who plan to relocate there. When it comes to the cost of living, if we compare the two largest cities in CA and Arizona, we’ll find out that expenses in Phoenix are 33% lower than in Los Angeles.

The possibility to buy the house is realistic in AR since the typical house value here is 50% less than in CA. When it comes to rental prices, the difference is even more dramatic – Los Angeles is 75% more expensive compared to Phoenix.

All things considered, with much lower costs of living and taxes, broad job opportunities, and gorgeous natural surroundings, it’s not surprising that AR is one of the most popular destinations where Californians are moving to. Besides, don’t forget that Arizona is very close to CA, so relocating away from friends won’t be that stressful.

Where Are Californians Moving To? Nevada Is Now New California

The so-called CA exodus has made Nevada the fastest-growing state in the USA for the second year in a row. Only in the year 2020, 47,000 citizens of Cali have chosen Nevada to be their next home base. At the moment, ex-Californians make up 20% of Nevada’s population. Here are some of the reasons why most Californians have chosen to move to a new state.

Casino Is Not the Only Place to Get a Job Anymore

Silver State is undeniably famous for the casino industry, but the business climate crucially changed with a recent population influx. Tourism, real estate, healthcare, and the growing startup scene are the rising stars of Nevada’s economy.

In the next couple of years, more than 13,000 hotel rooms will be ready to meet the millennials who seek outdoor adventures in Nevadas mountains. Also, the presence of big players like Google and Aptiv – a company testing self-driving cars – looks promising for future growth in the number of jobs.

Cost of Living and Housing is Higher than the National Average, But Still Lower than Back in CA, and This is Why Are People Moving Here

Although costs of living and housing are slightly higher than the national average, as the data shows, NV is still more affordable than CA. Compared to Los Angeles, living in Las Vegas is 44% lower, while expenses in San Francisco are almost doubled.

The realty prices are also 50% lower than in CA, and the same is with rental prices. And, if you move out of Las Vegas, those prices can even go lower. So, when you plan a move to another city, the good news is it won’t cost you a fortune – just make sure to choose the right one!

Beneficial Tax Policy Is Also a Good Reason to Move to NV

The good news is – there is no income tax, the property tax rate is only 0,53% (which is lower than the national average,) and there is no retirement tax fee either. So, all this combined with a regular dose of sunshine will definitely help you adjust to different environments more easily and not feel depressed after relocating.

Washington Is as Popular as NV

Although relocating to the North from the sunniest place in the US doesn’t seem logical, this wasn’t a problem for 46,800 people. A gorgeous scenery, mountains, lakes, a wide range of outdoor activities, top-class universities, and lower living costs are enough reasons for CA citizens to move to Washington. Here is what else you can expect.

High Probability You’ll Find a High-Paid Job

The job market in Washington is simply blooming. The presence of giant corporations like Boeing, Google, Amazon, or Starbucks, followed by the booming startup scene in Seattle, made WA good enough for thousands of newcomers to start buying prepared homes for sale.

Good news: There is no income tax in Washington, so your salary will be worth even more!

The Real Estate Prices Has Increased Recently By 22%, But They’re Still Lower than in CA

Setting aside an amount of a half-million dollars will be enough to buy a new house in Washington. Although this price is quite unexpected, it is still more affordable than CA, and if you move to the suburbs, you could even get a better price.

Welcome to Oregon and the Other Side of the Pacific Coast

Every Californian has that special relation to the Pacific, and that’s why Oregon might be just the perfect option when choosing the new destination to set a place to live. Although this will be the colder part of the ocean, if you choose the eastern part of OR, the climate will be quite similar to that back in CA. Here are some more benefits of relocating to big cities in OR.

Job Growth Was Faster Than National, and It’s Expected to Increase Again by 9% by 2029

Before the coronavirus outbreak, the unemployment rate was at the lowest level ever recorded in OR. However, the times have changed, and Oregon is now recovering from the unexpected strike. The predictions are optimistic, and it is said job growth will increase gradually by 9% by the year 2029.

Although the choice of jobs is slightly narrowed, OR still has great options, especially in the rising startup sector and green building and technology. Portland is now known as Silicon Forest, where many tech early-stage businesses are about to start. So, if Silicon Valley is not approachable to you, maybe going to Forest will help you get your treasure. After all, remember that in OR there are some of the best cities for millennials all across America. So, even if you’re relocating to a new city alone, finding a company won’t be difficult.

If you want to learn more about some of the most beautiful OR places, take a look at the video below!

YouTube video

What Is the Best State to Move to From California?

There is no unique answer to this question since everything depends on your needs and plans. However, the good news is, there are a few useful ways to help you out in making the right choice.

Making a pros and cons list, comparing all the advantages and disadvantages of each place, and consulting with the family members will reduce the probability you’ll go wrong. After all, now that you went through a quick guide on the most popular destinations where Cali residents move to, we’re sure you’ll be able to decide easier if any of these locations suits your expectations.

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