The Best Cities for Millennials in the US in 2021

Wonder what the best cities for millennials in the US are in 2021? Luckily, current options in the States are numerous and overall amazing. These places offer various opportunities for the young crowd – starting with the business market, real estate, amenities, public transportation, and everything else a millennial might need. Keep reading to find out more about popular suggestions and decide what might suit you.

Find out everything about popular options for modern lifestyle around the US

Where Should I Live as a Millennial?

Looking for the best places for millennials to live? We’ll proudly present the United States of America. If you’re a lucky millennial that lives here in the modern era – you can have almost everything your heart desires. A country as developed as this one offers the majority of things that millennials find important. When it comes to choosing the right city and a state, you can also opt for different options – depending on your personal taste and preferences. You should live somewhere where you feel comfortable knowing you have a stable future and pleasant surroundings.

What Cities Are Millennials Moving To?

What city has the most millennials? According to some statistics, Denver in Colorado is the place with the most residents in this age category, and this population is still growing with more and more of them relocating here every year. Moving to a big city like this, with plenty of opportunities, isn’t strange and the reasons to move here are various. Many of them are also relocating without a job and hoping to find employment here. Some are also moving for love and hoping to meet new people with similar interests. No matter what happens, it will also be easier to make friends in a new place when you know that the age gap isn’t making it hard.


Where Is the Best Place to Live In Your 20s?

Some other options for people in their 20s around the US are Omaha in Nebraska, Plano in Texas, and Aurora in Colorado. Omaha is known for having many amazing zoos and it is one of the most recommended options for raising a family. Plano is known for amazing neighborhoods, traditional cuisine, and strong education, while Aurora is known for its relaxing atmosphere and various recreational options. Furthermore, if you are looking for the most affordable cities for millennials, Austin in Texas, and Portland in Oregon might be good options.

Austin is one of the affordable options for a younger population

What Are Millennials Actually Looking For in a City?

We talked about different factors that most people consider when choosing a perfect place for their new home. For this generation, the most important factors are:

  • Business market, living expenses, and paycheck – Every millennial is already in their work-age, so it’s natural that most of them are looking for a good business market that offers stability, regular incomes, and good working conditions. When it comes to paycheck – they are hoping to earn enough to cover all day-to-day expenses and have some savings over that.
  • Commute time and transportation options – In the modern era, when time is money, no one wants to spend hours commuting and spending their precious time constantly stuck in traffic jams. Also, as fewer and fewer people choose to drive on their own, they are always hoping to find good public transportation options or other backup plans – biking, for example.
  • Population age range and diversity – Most of the cities millennials are moving to have a similar population when it comes to age range.
  • The weekend scene around the place and free time activities – This crowd is used to an active lifestyle and always looking for good options for recreational activities and restaurants to go out for lunch or dinner and lovely coffee shops.
Different factors might affect livability around these places

Denver in Colorado Is Definitely One of the Most Recommended Options

If you want to avoid relocation stress and move to one of the best US cities for millennials and young professionals Denver in Colorado might be a great option. With positive business growth and plenty of opportunities for the younger crowd, this place has everything you might need.

Plenty of restaurants, great entertainment, and various options for shopping are just the beginning. The average commute time is about 25 minutes, and public transportation options are good. RTD offers a variety of bus and rail transit services.

Day-to-Day Expenses and Real Estate Market

This is one of the decently affordable places – the overall cost of living is about 12% higher than the national average. Utilities have 6% lower prices, so that’s good news. When you transfer your utilities here, you can save some money. The median home price is about $450,000, and the median rent is $1,400.

Denver has one of the most walkable city centers in the country

Dallas in Texas Also Offers Amazing Living Conditions That Attracts Youthful Crowd

If you’re looking for top cities for millennials, Dallas might be one of the options on your list. Known as the modern metropolis and cultural hub of the region, this place definitely has a lot to offer. With urban-suburban surroundings, public schools rated above average, plenty of options for work, it attracts many young professionals and families. Popular cultural activities residents enjoy around here include ballet, opera, musicals, and symphony concerts.

Chances that you’ll find decent and solidly paid jobs around here are higher than in most of the other parts of the state. When it comes to public transportation, most of the people here use the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System known as DART. This is more than just a typical bus system – it links downtown Dallas with surrounding suburbs, and it’s constantly expanding. Even if you live around some of the finest suburbs, your commute time to work should not be longer than 26 minutes.

Life Costs and Opportunities For Jobs

Prices around here are close to the national average. The median home value is about $360,000, and the median rent is $1,150. Apart from being affordable, it is also one of the best places for millennials to work, so you should consider trying to find a job here before you move. After all, Dallas has a %9.5 rate of job gain compared to the national rate of %5.6.

Dallas offers an amazing public transportation system - DART

Cape Coral Is a Popular City For Millennials in Florida

This picturesque peninsula is definitely one of the best cities for millennials to live in. It is very safe, diverse, and provides entertainment for different age groups. If you plan to move here, you’ll enjoy fantastic weather throughout the whole year as well. It has had positive job growth for years.

And when it comes to transportation, LeeTran operates 22 bus and trolley routes serving this area and connects it to Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, and beautiful beaches. The average commute time is about 27 minutes, which is reasonably acceptable for populated areas.

People Like This City Because of a Good Real Estate Market

Unlike the other areas in Florida, this place is surprisingly affordable – the cost of living is much lower than the national average. When it comes to housing, you can buy real estate for about $290,000 – which is more than affordable. The median rent is approximately $900, which is, once again, lower than the national average. With prices as amazing as these, nothing should stop you from hiring professional cross country movers and relocating here with the help of their professional long-distance moving services.

Florida is known for its amazing beaches, so Cape Coral might be one of the options on our list

Seattle, Washington Is Another Convenient Option

This is definitely one of the options to consider because it offers outstanding entertainment for everyone’s taste, plenty of options for outdoor activities, fantastic museums, and beautiful parks. The City of Seattle is served by two major public transportation agencies – King County Metro Transit and Sound Transit – light rail system, express buses, and commuter rail. This public transportation system is known as one of the most developed in the whole country, even ahead of Boston and NYC. It is well rated because of its high safety and reliability. This whole area is also very walkable if you prefer this type of commute instead of using other forms of transportation.

Watch this interesting video if you want to find out more about the public transportation system around here.

Real Estate Prices Are High, But So Are the Incomes

If you look at overall prices in Seattle, you might start feeling anxiety about relocation – we won’t lie, the prices are high. Apart from knowing that, you should also consider that the business market around here is constantly growing and so is the paycheck. Residents that live in Seattle have incomes higher than in most other parts of the US. According to Niche reviews, the median household income here is about $90,000, but in some particular neighborhoods, it exceeds $120,000 per household.

Furthermore, when you want to boost your career in some of the following categories, this might be the right place for you:

  • Marketing Manager,
  • Technical Writer,
  • Software Developer,
  • Cybersecurity Analyst,
  • Data Scientist.
Seattle is a great spot for all career chasers

Durham in North Carolina Is a New Trending Location

Thanks to its affordability and beautiful surroundings, this place is among the top-rated options for living in 2021. It’s known for Duke University and it has emerged in the culinary scene in the last couple of years. Some of the most walkable neighborhoods around here are Old West Durham, Burch Avenue, and Duke University – East Campus. Commute time in this city is lower than average – about 22 minutes, which is very important for every millennial. This place also maintains sidewalks and bicycle facilities. GoDurham and GoTriable provide public transportation options through fixed-route bus service and ACCESS demand-response van service. It is very safe for life and work, plus the job market is very diverse and with a good tendency of growing.

Durham Is Also Good Option If You’re Relocating on a Budget

Durham is another great affordable option if you believe that prices in Seattle don’t fit your relocation budget. The overall cost of living here is about 11 percent lower than the national average and housing prices are 27% lower than average. Yes, you can buy a big and beautiful residence in this area for about $250,000 which is a great option if you’re moving in together with your significant other and plan on starting a family. Good luck and don’t forget to babyproof your home and with that have a stress-free move.

Check out this video about fun things to do around this area and we promise you won’t get disappointed.

You Won’t Regret If You Decide to Move to One of the Best Cities for Millennials in the US in 2021

Now that you know everything about these amazing options that you can choose from, it might be hard for you to make a final cut, but don’t worry – no matter which place you choose, you won’t regret it. Even if you are relocating to another state alone, shortly after your relocation you’ll experience many benefits of moving and you’ll enjoy every new day in these interesting surroundings.

Just choose the most convenient time to move and look for the highest-rated cross country movers in your area to make this process even more enjoyable. After all, professional long distance movers can give you many amazing relocation tips and show you the coolest relocation hacks that will help you have a safe and efficient move. Just follow your heart and start living your dreams right away.

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