February 1, 2022

Are Moving Companies Essential Businesses?

People plan relocations for many reasons, and that’s a completely normal thing to hear. However, with the virus outbreak still going strong, many wonder if relocating to other states is even possible. After all, are moving companies essential businesses? If you’re one of those people who can’t just postpone the move for some better times, you’ll want to know the answer to this question right away. Fortunately, that’s exactly what this article is about.

After the virus outbreak, many things have changed, including professional cross country moving services

If you’ve used professional long-distance moving services before, then you’re aware of how much help the experienced team of movers can provide you with during that stressful period. However, many things have changed since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. The virus impacted our social interactions and modified every routine we had, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that every business had to change its way of working, including the relocation industry.

What Does It Mean to Be One of the Essential Services During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Having an active virus across every state, some professionals had to change the way they operate in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. The government’s recommendations to stay home and avoid contact with other people led to closing many businesses for a long time.

However, some of them were declared essential, while others were not. The first group represents professions that are absolutely necessary for a properly functioning society. The second group of professions, as you can assume, was practically prohibited from working normally, and some of them are still limited – restaurants, bars, gyms, and theaters.

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What Services Are Essential During a COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown?

When the lockdown was established, some professions and positions continued to operate in every state. In fact, many workers had no other choice but to continue their jobs. While every position is important in its own way, only the following professions were allowed to continue their business as usual, as they are vital for the normal function of society:

  • Healthcare facilities,
  • Public services and sanitation,
  • Agriculture, food, and retail,
  • First responders,
  • Transportation service,
  • Mail and delivery service,
  • Home and car repair,
  • Schools.

Are Moving Companies Essential Businesses?

No matter what the reasons for your relocation might be, one question keeps popping up – Are movers essential services? Even though an efficient move is possible when relocating on your own, there’s a lot of planning to do, from creating a to-do list to figuring out what’s the cheapest way to move out. That’s why hiring professional help is always a good option. Also, if you prefer avoiding relocation stress and don’t want to feel anxious, having movers by your side is something to consider.

So, let’s answer the question: yes, relocation is an essential business during coronavirus. Before the pandemic, in 2019, around 30 million people moved, and many of us probably think that no one would even attempt to move, right? However, that’s far from the truth, as about the same number of Americans moved in 2020 alone.

As we already mentioned, many things changed due to these harsh new circumstances. Some had to move their office, while others moved back to their parents’ house. So, it’s not that hard to understand why relocation is deemed as a vital service even during the lockdown. More importantly, this means that not even this virus can prevent you from getting some excellent professional assistance the next time you want to move to a new home.

Are moving companies essential services? Yes, as people have to move even during the COVID-19 outbreak

What Changed and How Will Long-DIstance Movers Ensure Your Safety Is Protected?

The process of relocation remained practically the same. Professional movers will equally use all the relocation hacks and tricks when preparing your belongings for transportation. However, to keep everyone safe and prevent spreading the virus, movers had to incorporate several safety measures:

  • Wear protective equipment (masks and gloves),
  • Frequent sanitizing of trucks and equipment,
  • Cleaning of packages and supplies,
  • Limit the number of team members when going to the customer’s house,
  • Keep the social distance between company members and customers,
  • Keep trucks and storage facilities equipped with sanitizers,
  • Limit direct contact as much as possible with customers and other team members.

As you can see, the relocation process hasn’t changed as much, but considering that everything around us has changed, you need to remember that movers are doing their best to protect everyone’s health and safety. Try to respect all the measurements and protocols, as that is the only way to ensure a safe and stress-free move.

How Did Relocation Crews Manage to Overcome This Challenging Period Without Health Risks?

Many industries suffered because of the outbreak of the virus. The relocation industry isn’t an exception, including the fact that movers continued working even during the lockdown. So, you can imagine how other, completely closed industries were suffering.

Because people continued their lives and kept relocating (the reasons are numerous: some needed to move back to their parents and look after them, or because they lost their jobs, and others had to move their offices because the changed lifestyles), professional movers had a ton of work ever since the pandemic started. Still, each relocation company had to implement safety precautions into its everyday routine. Only then could they work as normally as new circumstances let.

All Moving Companies Must Respect the Coronavirus Protocols

Since professional movers often have direct contact face-to-face with customers and their staff, it’s more than obvious why every business has to follow all the protocols proclaimed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). While we can all agree that some of the measures could seem annoying or unnecessary, keep in mind that they exist to prevent you and the employees from getting infected. That’s why following all the covid protocols is crucial and why every professional mover respects them.

Many Professionals Enabled Virtual Estimate of Your Home

How could one business like relocation avoid further worsening the already bad situation we’re into? Well, by avoiding unnecessary contact, of course. However, we know that this can’t always be done, especially for those who plan to move to another city. Since you can’t just keep postponing the whole process for some better times, every relocation company should come up with some plan on how to do it as safely as possible.

That’s exactly why many professionals dropped the regular in-house estimates and started the virtual ones. It’s actually a great solution to reduce any unnecessary contact and keep everyone’s health safe. We all are aware that social distancing isn’t enough to beat this virus, which is why having your house and belongings virtually estimated is more than a good idea.

Will Packing or Storage Service Still Be Available When Relocating Cross-Country?

When hiring a relocation crew, you’re probably expecting help for the most tedious process – packing your belongings. Luckily, this service is available, and with a reputable and professional team, you can rest assured that all the protocols and measurements will be followed. This means all the precautions of wearing protective equipment and using the sanitizers will be observed.

The same thing stands for placing your belongings in storage, as many people relocating from a house to an apartment need a secure storage facility. If you can’t find any creative storage ideas for some of their things, renting a unit is going to be an excellent choice. Since workers have to follow all the protocols even in the storage facility, your items won’t be contaminated.

What If You Need to Ship Your Car Across the Country?

Having a professional team of drivers that will help you with auto transport is probably the best option for you when relocating across the country. When you consider all things about shipping a car to another state and count all the disadvantages of doing it on your own, the only thing left is to leave all the hard work to the professionals. It will save you a lot of time and energy from other things you should do, like figuring out how to get a job before relocating.

However, even counting all the advantages, you still have to know how the whole shipping process works. With the reputable team, you can be sure that your car will be relocated in the best possible way, with drivers who wear their protective gear at all times.

You can hire cross country movers to transport your four-wheeler without meeting them in person

How to Pick the Best Long-Distance Moving Company and Have a Safe Move?

Relocating brings many benefits, but if you want a successful move, you should consider some important steps before the relocation day. For starters, learn how to choose a relocation crew. In fact, only continue planning the move to a new state after you check if the mover is legitimate.

The reputable movers will provide you with everything needed for a safer relocation, from packing to relocation insurance for all the items you wish to move. When you know you’re in good hands, you can process other tasks from your relocation checklist, like planning the relocation budget and finding ways to save on relocation costs.

The number of relocation scams last year was estimated at around 1,500

Learn How to Protect Yourself and Others From COVID-19 – Take Some Steps Before, During, and After the Move

When you decide to move, know that there are some steps you should take to prevent spreading the virus. So, after you decide what to get rid of, begin with preparing for movers. You should wear a face mask and gloves and sanitize your hands once in a while. Also, try to do as many tasks as possible on your own before the movers come. That way, you won’t have to be face to face all the time with a larger number of people.

When it comes to your house, keep everything clean and sanitized. This should be a no-brainer, as it was one of the preparation steps for selling a house even before the pandemic hit. You should also clean the new place before moving in and starting the unpacking process after the move.

There are some steps for you to take before, during, and after the move, as well

Maintain Social Distance and Have a Completely Safe Relocation to Your New Home With the Best Relocation Team

Knowing that movers can continue to work during the pandemic will allow you to proceed with the relocation feeling at least a bit safer than before. Still, keep in mind that everyone’s well-being is at stake, so ensure you follow all the measurements and recommendations. Only that way can we beat this vicious virus together and finally continue living like we used to.

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